Patriot Gold Group Review 2022

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If you’re looking for a way to protect your retirement money, it’s important to do your research before choosing a company. Patriot Gold Group is one of the leading providers of gold IRAs, and they have a proud history of helping their clients secure their financial futures. With over two decades of experience, Patriot Gold Group is well-equipped to help you create a retirement portfolio that will withstand market volatility. So if you’re looking for peace of mind in these uncertain times, Patriot Gold Group is the perfect choice.

Patriot Gold Group is one of the most popular and well-respected choices for opening a gold IRA. They offer many valuable services and are worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy option.

About Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group has been a top-rated Consumer Affairs, gold dealer for five consecutive years. When you buy from the company, you can work directly with the owners – who are experienced and knowledgeable in the precious metals market.

The Patriot Gold Group provides a safe and reliable investment opportunity in precious metals. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, their team of experts can provide you with the education you need to feel confident in your purchase. Established just a few years ago, the Patriot Gold Group is a trusted resource for precious metals investment.

The management team at Patriot Gold Group has years of experience in the precious metals industry. They recognized that there was a lack of customer satisfaction and education among buyers.

Patriot Gold Group: Why You Should Choose Us

Patriot Gold Group should be one of your top choices when considering a precious metals IRA company. They offer a variety of important services that are difficult to find elsewhere. However, it is important to research before choosing any company, as many other reliable firms offer similar services.

Opening and funding a self-directed IRA can be a complicated process, but the professionals at Patriot Gold Group make it easy. They guide you through every step of the process so you aren’t left wondering what to do next. Plus, their smooth paperwork process makes it easy to get started.

Patriot Gold Group provides a simple and easy account management system. This allows you to access your holdings anytime, and the custodian is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Patriot Gold Group provides secure and safe vault storage. Storage vaults are available throughout the US to pick the best location for your personal needs. If you purchase outside of an IRA, there are also options for safe storage at home.

It is a good idea to store your items in a vault, even if they are not part of an IRA. Vaults offer top security worldwide, and your items are fully insured.

About the Staff

Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group is very transparent about its staff. You can learn about the people who make the company what it is, from the top executives to the basic associates.

Jack Hanney

The co-owner and CEO of the company are named Jack Hanney. He has the most influence over how the company is run. Hanney has worked in finances and the precious metals industry for over two decades. After working with some of the top names in the investment industry, he became a major manager and director at several commodities brokers.

Jack Hanney has worked with some of his clients for decades, managing more than $140 million in trades and business. He lives in Los Angeles today with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.

Mike Celano

Mike Celano is a senior partner at Patriot Gold Group. He has an in-depth understanding of global economics and currencies. Before being part of Patriot Gold Group, he had experience working as an executive manager at Costco.

On top of his Costco job, Mike Celano has worked as a director of trading and manager of client relationships at a few of the largest precious metals dealers in the US. Given his extensive experience in the precious metals industry, he has been very important for clients investing in their future.

Charley Chartoff

Charley Chartoff is a senior partner with Patriot Gold Group. His first investor experience was buying real estate in Southern California. Eventually, he changed his focus on investments in hard assets like gold and silver.

Charley Chartoff worked as the manager of the retirement services division of one of the nation’s largest retail precious metals brokers. He followed this up with the same position at one of the top wholesalers in Los Angeles. As one of the senior partners at Patriot Gold Group, he believes that customers should work with the owner of a firm long term.

Andrew Clay

Andrew Clay is a portfolio manager at Patriot Gold Group, meaning he helps clients manage their investment portfolios. After graduating from an Ivy League school, he began working in the finance industry in 2000. He also served in the US Marines.

Before joining Patriot Gold Group, Andrew Clay worked in the upper management of some national precious metals retailers. He manages a vast portfolio for a huge number of different people. He was also part of a team that created a technology platform for guest services by the Four Seasons Hotel chain.

Frank Johnson

Frank Johnson is the company’s main retirement specialist, meaning he knows the ins and outs of IRA regulation. Before joining Patriot Gold Group, he had thirteen prior years of experience with IRAs.

Because he knows a lot about the markets and how the economy affects retirement, he is considered the main expert on retirement solutions. He has previously worked in management for some of the largest precious metals dealers in the US.

IRA Accountants and AdvisorsPatriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group is a precious metal IRA dealer that specializes in selling items that can be invested in a precious metals IRA. They have experts who can walk you through the paperwork and teach you about different retirement solutions.

At Patriot Gold Group, we offer a no-fee IRA account to our customers who meet the minimum account purchase threshold. This service is available to everyone, and we proudly offer it at no cost to our clients. Our usual fee for opening an account is $225, but we are happy to waive this fee for our valued customers.

When it comes to precious metal investing, it’s important to do your research before investing. One company you may want to consider is Patriot Gold Group. Patriot Gold Group is a well-established company with a strong reputation in the industry. They offer a variety of services, including storage and custodial services. However, it’s important to remember that there will be ongoing costs, no matter what. Typically, you’ll pay a fee to the custodian for sustaining your account. You’ll also pay a fee to the storage company for holding your items. These fees often vary depending on the exact custodian and storage company. So be sure to research and compare prices before investing in precious metals through Patriot Gold Group.

You can fill out the initial inquiry about opening an account on the website. Alternatively, you can call the company you are interested in opening an IRA but have questions about first.

What You Need to Know About Opening a Gold IRA

According to Patriot Gold Group, there are just three steps to opening a precious metals IRA with them. As long as you meet the right account qualifications, the website says that you can have a fee-free account for life – so long as you keep at least $1,000 worth of precious metals in your account at all times.

At Patriot Gold Group, we specialize in helping individuals invest in precious metals. The process is simple: you fill out the online form or give us a call, and we’ll send you a free investment guide. We’ll also contact you to answer any questions you may have.

Once you have the guide, the next step is to roll over or transfer funds into your account. You can do this by rolling over funds from a 401(k) or traditional IRA. As long as you do the paperwork correctly, no penalties or extra taxes are involved. Our team will walk you through every step of the process.

The Patriot Gold Group offers a reliable and efficient way to invest in precious metals. Once the money has been transferred into the new account, you will work with one of their representatives to choose the right metals based on your investment goals. You can ask any questions you have and consult your investor guide.

Storage Services

Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group is a company that provides storage for precious metals in various vaults throughout the US. The Texas Depository is their main vault, and it complies with all IRS regulations for storing and protecting precious metals IRAs.

Patriot Gold Group offers a variety of benefits for those looking to store their gold and other precious metals securely. There are no setup fees and no fees for making deposits or withdrawals. Quarterly or annual fees may apply, but this is still much more affordable than many other depositories.

Patriot Gold Group is a reliable and fully compliant digital assets depository. All accounts are segregated and held separate from everyone else’s. Each account has annual audits to ensure the physical currency backs up your digital holdings.

Patriot Gold Group offers reliable and tax-free shipping services for precious metals. The underground facility setup provides an extra layer of security, with private security personnel hired without outsourcing to other companies.

Patriot Gold Group has a long history of providing quality service and products to their clients. All accounts are insured through Lloyd’s of London, so you can rest assured your assets are safe. With a full insurance policy, you’re guaranteed compensation should anything happen to your investment.

IRA Custodians

Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group offers a variety of services, including storage and consultation. They work with several IRA custodians, so you can be sure to find the right one for your needs. Review their policies carefully to find the best fit.

The main custodial partners listed on the Patriot Gold Group website are:

  • The Entrust Group
  • New Direction IRA
  • Goldstar Trust
  • Kingdom Trust Company
  • Strata Trust Company
  • Equity Institutional

The Patriot Gold Group provides a variety of gold IRA custodians for clients to choose from. This is a unique feature among gold IRA dealers, as most only work with a few select custodians. If you have any questions about the different options available, the customer service team will be happy to help.


Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group offers a “No Fee for Life” account setup, provided you invest at least $250,000. This minimum investment requirement ensures that only serious investors can take advantage of the company’s valuable services. With Patriot Gold Group, you can trust that your money is in good hands.

The Patriot Gold Group does not charge setup fees for investors who contribute a minimum of $30,000. For those who invest less than $30,000, the typical setup cost is $225.

Patriot Gold Group is a company that offers to help people set up their IRA for a relatively high upfront setup cost. They have streamlined expertise, but another company might be better if you have less than $250,000 to invest.

Patriot Gold Group has partnered with Strata Trust and Equity Institutional as their primary custodians. These custodians offer annual maintenance costs of $150 and $180, respectively. You will likely be referred to one of these options if you do not have a preferred custodian.

At Patriot Gold Group, you must have a minimum investment of $15,000 to open an account. This is higher than many competitors, and the setup fee isn’t waived until you reach $30,000. Other competitors waive or reduce their setup fees at a much lower threshold.

The Patriot Gold Group offers various services to its clients, including secure storage of precious metals, transaction facilitation, and more. It’s important to remember that custodians charge different fees for their services. These fees can include charges for printing reports and making transactions. For example, Strata Trust charges about $40 every time you make a transaction that removes precious metals from your account. You will also be expected to cover the cost of shipping. Make sure you know all the costs associated with using a particular custodian before signing up.

Available Products

Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group specializes exclusively in gold and silver investments, ensuring that only the highest quality materials are eligible for inclusion in an IRA. All products sold by Patriot Gold Group meet stringent purity requirements and are backed by a sovereign mint to guarantee their authenticity. So if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy source of precious metals, Patriot Gold Group is worth considering.

The Patriot Gold Group offers a wide variety of gold and silver products, making it easy to find the right investment for you. Whether you’re looking for bullion, exclusive items, proof coins, or IRA-eligible coins, the website is divided into four categories to make your search easier. Plus, their knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

When shopping for an IRA, it’s important to consider investments eligible for an IRA. This includes options like Patriot Gold Group, which offers a variety of investment opportunities that can help you reach your financial goals. With Patriot Gold Group, you’ll have access to a team of experienced professionals who can help you make the most of your investment portfolio. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to secure your financial future, Patriot Gold Group is a great option.

Proof coins offer a unique value that can sometimes be included in an IRA account. All the coins sold by Patriot Gold Group have been independently graded by organizations like the PCGS and the NGC, ensuring their authenticity and quality.

The Patriot Gold Group offers various services, including gold and silver buying and selling, storage, and redemption. There have been positive reviews about their buyback program, which allows customers to sell their gold and silver back to the company when they’re ready to liquidate.

The process of getting a quote can be somewhat frustrating. This is because it’s difficult to find reliable information on how Patriot Gold Group calculates its quotes. You won’t know how much you’ll be offered until you have an extensive conversation with someone at the company. However, the company is known for offering competitive rates and high-quality products.

The investment guide is also free if you fill out the information request form on the website.

Is Patriot Gold Group a Scam?

Patriot Gold Group Review

Patriot Gold Group is a legitimate company that has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating. The majority of customer reviews for the company are positive, with few customers reporting any negative experiences. If any complaints have been registered, Patriot Gold Group has made an effort to resolve them.

The Patriot Gold Group has been in business since 2016 and has an A+ rating from the BBB. They are a relatively new company in the precious metals industry, but they have gained a solid reputation for their products and services.

Pros & Cons of Patriot Gold Group


  • Solid reviews from third parties like the BBB, Trustlink, and the BCA.
  • Full service firm helps with setting up self-directed gold IRAs.
  • Have gained a strong reputation despite being newcomers in the industry.


  • Fee to get set up can be a little steeper than the competitors.

Final Thoughts

Patriot Gold Group is a highly reputable company with an excellent track record. Reviews of the company have been positive since it was established in 2016. Furthermore, Patriot Gold Group has been accredited by multiple top watchdog organizations, such as the BBB and the BCA. Patriot Gold Group is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an IRA provider. However, other companies have slightly lower setup fees for their IRAs. If the setup fee is a major concern, you may want to consider another provider.

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