Do You Know How To Not To Be Unlucky?

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Do You Know How To Not To Be Unlucky?

Every business owner takes risks. Launching a business is a bet you’re making with the market. Of course, nobody starts the journey without gathering knowledge about the potential obstacles to come, but there is only so much you can control. Indeed, while successful businesses spend a lot of time and money developing new strategies, at the end of the day, you could do everything right and still not be a success. Unfortunately, you can’t control the market, or even how your audience or your team will react over time, and that’s why some entrepreneurs describe themselves as lucky while others are forced to declare bankruptcy.

Luck is not something you can manage. However, it doesn’t mean you should check your horoscope and find your local tarot card reader for support. You can’t force chance, but you can take all the necessary steps to prevent unluck.



Think of your business in terms of a large machine you need to maintain. Your business relies on necessary toolkits to ensure that you can keep an overview of all processes – and act rapidly if required. Just like Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times paints an industrial world in which a simple mistake can affect the whole production line, you need to make sure you’ve got the right toolkit for the job.

Make sure you’ve got the right team for the job

Your employees are the most critical asset in your company. Not only do they bring the talent you need, but they also play a significant part in your productivity and reputation. Finding hires that fit is vital to your company; you want employees can support your business at all times. While you can’t control dramatic life changes that can drive your team away, you can make sure your business is doing everything to find the most suitable candidates.

Gain a single view of your processes

As surprising as it might sound, finding procedures that fit your company is a lot more challenging than finding the best applicants for the job. Indeed, over time, every business develops a variety of separate processes from marketing reporting to invoicing planning. However, without a dedicated solution that provides a 360° of your business activities and tasks – such as – most companies are unknowingly wasting time and money. Without an SAP tool that helps you to gain an overview of your customers, revenues, and productivity, you are in no position to cut waste and improve your activities.


Running a team is challenging. People are not machines. A variety of external factors can influence them. More importantly, the way they feel about your business affects your productivity and success.

Do your people believe in you?

The world of business is not always happy. You’ll go through tough times, and if you want to keep your company afloat, you need to make sure that you can continue to motivate your employees, Countless companies that fail to communicate openly and recognize everyday efforts are unable to keep their talent in-house. Indeed, gossips and frustrations quick to appear if you’re not careful. Employees who don’t feel motivated are unlikely to stick around.

You can’t keep people who don’t like you

Managing people can be challenging. However, if you’re too busy being the boss, there’s a chance your team resents you. Unfortunately, when employees hate your management style, they can make things as awkward and uncomfortable as possible, from avoiding you to actively trying to sabotage you. Indeed, when nobody likes the boss, the business is at risk.

Do you know how much your team works?

Everybody works hard, right? While the average office employee tends to spend more time at work than at home, it doesn’t mean you should take their efforts for granted. Indeed, overwork is a trend that is often encouraged by companies that work hard players and workers who give 110%. There’s only one problem with it. Nobody can give 110%. Overworked employees don’t tackle more throughout the day; they achieve less as their attention span drops and mental fatigue increases. Make it your priority to ensure nobody has too much on their plate.


The business world is always changing and reinventing itself. Just take a look at a company such as Apple. When Steve Jobs came back, personal computers looked very different from now. But Apple’s innovative tech designs launched a new demand for small and intelligent devices. Skip to 2019, and the small-screened devices launched by Jobs are a thing of the past. Nowadays, the public wants huge screens everywhere. In short, you need to go with the trends to survive.

Do you know the expected market fluctuations?

The market is a place where offer meets demand. However, it is a place that also reflects the real-time requirements of your audience. Indeed, products that were selling yesterday may not be relevant today. New competitors have joined the market. Seasonal events also influence demands. The bottom line: If you don’t know about the market fluctuations, you’re lost!

Are your customers expecting more innovation?

Making the most of popular innovative solutions is the quickest way to protect your competitive edge. For instance, biometrics tech might be invasive when misused, but they allow organizations and companies to identify their customers safely. From face recognition to fingerprints, your audience demands smooth and secure interactions all the time. It seems biometrics tech is the way forward; companies can’t afford to ignore the trends.

Authenticity is in, are you surfing that wave?

Social media platforms have been trending for the past decade. But only now have they become a way for brands to create genuine relationships with their audience and earn their customer loyalty. Authenticity is the latest communication trend. For companies, it requires transparency, accountability and the courage to be vulnerable too. An authentic brand can survive mishaps, while others can’t.

In the end, building a successful business is not just a matter of making your luck, but more importantly, managing your misfortune by ensuring your business always knows what is happening. Your tools, your team, and your market are the three pillars of success; understanding and avoiding unnecessary choices that could leave your business dealing with unknown risks about your processes, people and audience is the secret to a robust company.


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