Creating a Trustworthy brand

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Creating a Trustworthy brand

Gaining your client’s trust is a pivotal aspect of creating a successful business. When customers consider your company to be trustworthy, they are more likely to choose to spend their money on your products, and over time may well become regular consumers. This is not an issue for larger, better established trademarks, as they have already succeeded in gaining customer loyalty through consistently providing a dependable service.  However, for newer and lesser known brands, building a business that is considered to be reliable can be difficult. According to some SEO Companies in Sydney, the challenge of a new brand is more pronounced in their online marketing efforts due to the fact that they cannot rely on brand name searches to drive traffic to their website. The issue comes when customers won’t engage with your brand without evidence that it is a reputable establishment; How can you prove your business is worth their custom until they use your services for themselves? Well, you need to be active in proving that customers can rely on your label to deliver a high-quality service, rather than passively waiting for customer loyalty to grow over time. Here are a few steps that you can take to start building a positive reputation for your brand.

Put a face to the name

As a whole, an organization is nothing more than a faceless entity, with a sole purpose of making money. This is a concept which automatically makes customers reluctant to trust your business. However, people are more likely to put faith in another person, than they are a corporation. A good first step in building a rapport with your consumers, is by presenting your business as a collection of people who have the same interests and desires they do. Customers who prefer to stick to brands that they know can often be intimidated by the prospect of trying out new companies; by reminding client’s that your organization is run by individual people, you instantly appear more approachable. One way to do this might be to advertise the key people who work at your company and provide the public with basic information about them. Give your brand personality, and it will appear more likable.

Provide a mutually beneficial service

The appearance of advertising has changed in recent years, and you need to target your business to the needs of a modern generation. In general, the public do not trust the motives of businesses, because they know the ultimate goal of a company is to sell products in order to make money. Poor advertising can sell your business as nothing more than a money-making scheme, and creates the impression that you do not care about the welfare of your clientele. This can result in your company appearing self-serving, and will not convince customers to put their trust in your brand.

Modern generations want authentic products which are specifically tailored to them as individuals, rather than targeting the general public as a whole. You need to sell your product, or services, as something which has just as much benefit to the consumer in purchasing it, as it does to you in selling. For example, if your business is a clothing brand, then you need to conduct research into what is important to your specific client group, and replicate those interests. For example, creating environmentally friendly clothes which are produced with a low carbon footprint will appeal to customers who care about the ecological impact of manufacturing. Equally, having a wider range of clothes sizes will broaden your market and give your brand a more inclusive image. Find a niche which sells your clients on your morals, as well as your products.

Employ strict privacy procedures

Once you have convinced clients to try out your business, you then need to prove that you are worthy of their continued support and custom. It is important that from their first purchase, customers are confident that providing you with their personal details is safe, and that their transaction with you is secure. For example, if clients need to provide you with personal health details, such as they might if you provide a physical therapy service, they need to be confident those details will not be shared. If a customer orders a package off of you, they need to be certain that no record of their address will be accessible to anyone outside of your company; People who provide you with their email address don’t expect their trust to be rewarded by you selling their details onto a third party, and so on.

Make sure that you have put in place the appropriate privacy and confidentiality procedures to protect your clients, and reassure them that their details are in safe hands. You also need to ensure that you provide a secure way for your clients to make payments. Customers will be more comfortable with widely well-known payment methods, such as pay-pal, that they are likely to have used in the past.

Address customer’s concerns

The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is truer now than ever before. Treating customers well is a great way to turn a one-off purchase into a regular patron of your business.  However, that is not the only reason that having positive contact with your customers is important. The internet is an incredibly powerful advertising tool, and it can make or break your business. Customers hold a great deal of power these days, in that they have access to a platform where their reviews of your service can be heard. On one hand this can amount to free advertising when client’s share that they have had a good experience with your brand. However, too many bad reviews can put new clients off of using your service.

One way to combat this is to supply a facility where customers can have their complaints heard by you, and have any issues resolved.

Setting up your own customer service lines can be difficult and time-consuming, however, there are services which can operate them for you. Companies which offer inbound contact services, such as the Ansafone call center, provide trained professionals who are able to monitor a range of contact services, such as phone calls, emails, social media messaging, and even live chat boxes. Having accessible representatives of your company available will give your customers greater faith in you; Consumers trust businesses which provide reliable contact services, as that way there is less risk to them in using your business.

Never underestimate the power of gaining the trust of your consumers. By following these simple steps, you will have some of the tools needed to create a brand which is widely recognized as reliable and worth the public’s custom.

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