Centerless Grinders An Overview And General Tips

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Centerless Grinders An Overview And General Tips

Industrial part production requires you have the right equipment for both assembly and finishing. Part production (such as for tubes or bars and other such machined items) is an important part of many manufacturing companies as many industries make use of these specialized parts. Companies such as produce both raw parts and the production equipment to create such manufactured goods for various industries.

As production machines are highly specialized each represents a specific and important step in the manufacturing process such as cutting, shaping, bending, or grinding. Such specialized equipment is highly sought after and having the right equipment is what separates a successful business from ones that end up failing. Here is a detailed look at one such piece of equipment the centerless grinder as it is an important production tool.

What Is A Centerless Grinder?     

What separates the centerless grinder from other types of grinders is the structure of the machine itself and how it affects the grinding process. Centerless grinders lack a driver, workhead fixtures, or center holes and instead the workpiece being ground is supported by a work blade that is centered between a support wheel and the larger grinding wheel which does the work. These three parts are what drives a centerless grinder and the best grinders have these three parts working expertly together. Such grinders require a bit more skill to use than other types but they offer advantages in terms of product creation and efficiency.

Why Use This Process?

A key advantage is a precise and smooth finish such grinding equipment can achieve when compared to more traditional methods. This rounding process is second to none and pieces that aren’t as precisely ground can be smoothed out by a centerless grinder. When properly set up with the right angles, speeds, and viewpoints a centerless grinder gives you a high level of precise control.

Usage Tips

When using a centerless grinder keep the following useful tips in mind for the best possible results.

  • Aligning The Regulating Wheel: the regulating wheel truing nub needs to carefully follow the point of contact of both the grinding wheel and your workpiece. Measurements to consider when aligning your regulating wheel include the swivel angle, the RPM (as high as possible for the smoothest finish), the center of the workpiece itself, and the required angle needed for your regulating wheel.
  • Aligning The Grinding/Superabrasive Wheel: this particular alignment requires careful measuring and positioning. When aligning your grinding wheel you need to be certain that the entire wheel is in use for an even grind.
  • Centering The Workpiece: or workpiece (or material) should be centered directly over both wheels. Be careful as too high a positioning can cause chatter and too low can cause an out of round condition on your workpiece.
  • The Work Rest Angle: the proper angle depends on the width of your regulating wheel. For example, the angle is inverse when compared to the width of the wheel i.e. a wider wheel requires a smaller angle while a smaller wheel requires a larger angle. Proper angeling reduces pressure and cuts down on noise.
  • Use Of Coolant: use of the proper coolant assures your materials don’t become too hot and the temperature is consistent during the machining process. Always use coolant designed for the materials you’re machining as temperature fluctuations can and intense heat can alter the material’s properties. Coolant should be applied directly at the point of contact between the workpiece and the grinding wheel itself.

Is This Type Of Equipment Right For You?

Centerless grinding is commonly found in industries that require high levels of production while still retaining quality parts and production standards. An important part of using such equipment is to have a skilled and alert operator due to a lack of a support spindle. Finally, you have to be sure of your settings to ensure proper results. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort such grinders can greatly increase your production output.

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