Banning Human Error From Your Manufacturing Floor

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Banning Human Error From Your Manufacturing Floor

Mistakes happen. In manufacturing, you’re likely always going to have some loss to track. When it comes to loss caused by the equipment, then thorough maintenance, pre-emptive replacements and limiting downtime help. But humans can play just as big a role and the issue of human error can be a more complex one. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be tackled.


Never stop training

Complacency is one of the biggest reasons for human error in any business. When people stop constantly checking their progress, that’s when mistakes start getting made. A lean, consistent approach to training is essential to keep employees on their toes, but in a positive process that prioritizes improvement instead of punishment. Supervision and self-inspection should play as big a role as spotting and getting to the source of mistakes, too. Those are two skills you need to train everyone on the floor in.

Address the human factors in human error

When it’s not a lack of training that is causing a spike in the mistakes, it might be other pressures that are being exerted on employees. If they’re not given enough time between operation, training, and maintenance, for instance, it can lead to severe stress that will certainly get in the way of their work. Fatigue management, eliminating busy work and other quality-of-life changes you can make could help workers focus better.


Rely on the experts

When you’re introducing a new tool or process into the business, then you’re going to have to train people in an entirely new skill. While that training is incomplete, you can expect plenty of mistakes. Instead, temporarily implement outsourced manufacturing services that can help take care of the duties your team isn’t yet ready to. Only when you have the skills fully incorporated into the team, can you expect efficiency.

Let robots take over

Automated tools are something of a fear to a lot of workers, but the truth is that training in operating those machines can help you keep people employed while also cutting out a lot of the risks of human error. For instance, with precision tools like plasma cutters, Tactical CNC plasma tables only need the data of what you need to cut and follow the instructions to the letter. Providing you take care of them properly, CNC tools will rarely, if ever, make mistakes.


Make mistakes impossible

Where human entry is still the best option, you should do what you can to mistake proof those processes. It’s the same in concept as why you can’t overfill your car at the gas pump. There are a lot of ways mistake proof the different tools in the business. For instance, pressure relief valves, kill switches, sensors for human movement in potentially dangerous processes. There are all ways to mistake proof your manufacturing floor.

Find out where you need to train, where you need to outsource, and where you could make human error impossible, decreasing the opportunity to make mistakes. There’s no way to ensure you banish human error entirely, but you can make it such a small problem that it’s no longer a concern.

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