4 ways to boost the morale of your workforce

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4 ways to boost the morale of your workforce

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. If your employees actually want to be at work, enjoy it and get along as a team, then they are much more likely to work hard, go above and beyond for the company and really try and make a success of whatever it is you are trying to do.

That is why so many effective leaders now view the morale of their workforce as one of the key factors behind a business’s success. So how seriously are you taking it? Do your employees bounce into work with a spring in their step, or do they drag their feet looking like they’d rather be anywhere else but work?

Here are four ways in which you can boost the morale of your workforce.

Reward your workers

Everybody loves to be rewarded when they’ve done a job well, and regularly thanking your staff for all their efforts through rewards is a good way to encourage them to work to a high standard as well as keeping morale high. While a lot of companies offer rewards in the form of a Christmas bonus or another monetary means, there are many other ways to offer rewards than cold, hard cash. Take your staff out for dinner at a good restaurant, buy them tickets to a popular sporting event or treat them to a day at a spa. Any way in which you can show them you appreciate there work is going to improve their morale.

Recognise their achievements with awards

Company awards are a great way to highlight the achievements of individuals. These can vary from simple ideas such as an Employee of the Month or an Employee of the Year to a full-blown annual awards ceremony. Hire a venue, get your workforce dressed up, invite them to bring along their partners and hand out great engraved award products to those who have been the stars of the company. It’s just like having your own mini-Oscars.

Make them feel like they are doing more than just a job

Your employees will feel especially good if they feel like they are doing more than just a job. When you receive positive feedback about how your work has impacted on somebodies life, make a big song and dance about it and share it with the workforce. Not only will it make your employees feel like they are part of a team who is really achieving something, but it can also give them a sense that their work has a higher purpose which can only be good for morale.

Show them you care about them

Employees aren’t just people working for you, they are real human beings with feelings who, from time-to-time, might have something more important going on than the 9-5 shift with your business. By taking time to show them you care about them personally, you’ll make them feel valued and that will boost their morale. If there is a family bereavement or tragedy, be there to support them. Recognise every single employees birthday. Give them a gift if there is a new baby or a wedding. When people feel loved, they will give more for the cause. It is just about the biggest single morale booster out there.






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