If You’re On Page 2 of Google You Need To Up Your Game

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If You’re On Page 2 of Google You Need To Up Your Game

Being the chief marketing officer of any company in any sector is no easy task. It is something that constantly requires proactivity and research. The reason for this is simple; you have to constantly and continually improve your the skills, abilities and results of your department, and that means making sure your marketing team knows how to work as effectively and efficiently as they possibly can. If they don’t, well, the buck stops with you. That’s why you need to be able to lead from the front, be the example you need to be and bring new ideas to the table.

Essentially, your team has to know all the different avenues and strategies they can take when marketing a specific product or service. But while they get to have a bit of fun and use some creative magic in their role, you constantly have to have one eye on the bottom line, you have to see the bigger picture that encapsulates all of the projects you have on the go and all of the smaller details that are involved. More often than not, this requires you to be an incredibly skillful circus act, able to balance plates and juggle balls at the same time, all while riding a unicycle, and if you get one of these acts wrong, well, it can all come tumbling down.

To help you with this task, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can enhance the operations and results of your marketing teams while ensuring you keep your costs down to a minimum too.


Adapt And Survive

In the world of marketing, everything changes. Trends in marketing changes. Strategies are required to change. Customer’s wants and needs change. Client’s hear new buzzwords and through them into meetings without knowing what they really mean, which requires a change. We see it time and time again. As such, you need to have your eye on the ball and identify what is happening and how to best redirect your resources in order to stay on top. A lot of things can change over time, and that is all too often something that companies ignore. Mentalities change, and if this isn’t factored into your marketing approach then you are probably spending more than you should, no matter what strategy you are using. Luckily, addressing this issue is straightforward; recognize that things change, understand these changes and react accordingly. That is the only way to improve the impact of your marketing efforts while drastically decreasing the cost of success.

Think Mobile

Grab your nearest laptop, head to your website and marvel at its perfection. It has all the information anyone could want and it portrays it in an attractive high-impact way. Now grab your phone and look at your website. Exactly. Not quite as perfect as you thought, which is an issue because the majority of people who browse the internet do so on their phones and tablets. As such, you have got to invest in a responsive website, one that utilizes a fluid grid to intelligently scale the different parts of your website, making sure they align themselves correctly without losing any of the impacts. The reason responsive websites are the best method is because they are cost-effective; there is no lengthy process that requires you to address each element of your website and scale it manually and for each different screen size, whether it be a three-inch screen, six inches or thirteen-point-five. Of course, this is vitally important to your success because your website is going to be the first port of call for any new business you take on. So it doesn’t matter how good you are at getting your name out there because it could all be a wasted effort if your website fails to land that knockout punch.

Address Your Providers

The sign of a good businessman and leader is their ability to leave pride at the door, accept any inefficiencies they may have and to fix these. That can often mean freeing up resource time and money by outsourcing certain aspects of their business. As such, a lot of marketing agencies hire online service providers for one very simple reason; it is a great way to improve return on investment in a cost-friendly way. However, all too often that sees them hire the cheapest service available. This will likely do your budget and efficiencies more harm than good. It’s far more beneficial to pay that little bit more for a service that will actually deliver the results you want than to throw your money at a provider that will fall short of their promises. That would be a waste of money. So always look to get the best deal, by hiring a team that has both a great track record and a broad range of experience, a provider you can trust.

Become A Reseller

A great option available to marketing teams is the concept of white-labelling, which would mean partnering up with an SEO white label firm that would allow you to put your name onto their products, a partnership that has incredible benefits for both parties. They get to produce and product (or service) without worrying about the costs of marketing and selling. As for your benefits, using a white label would improve the visibility of your brand, strengthen your customer loyalty, take advantage of expert work, use a refined product and have the luxury of choice, all while relieving some of the pressures on you and your team. But the best part of all this is that you will save you both time and money, both of which massively affect your bottom line.

Start Blogging More

To get the status of an expert then you need people to see you as experts and go to you for expert advice. That is where a constantly updated blog comes into play. But having a blog isn’t just about the perception others have of you or the fact you are valued as a good source of information. No, blogs work as a means of boosting traffic to your website, and that is essentially the goal, right? So many companies spend thousands and thousands trying to boost the web traffic, exploring various methods, some of which can be very costly and very hit and miss. A blog, however, serves to increase your SEO and get you to the top of the podium, also known as the first result on Google. In fact, well maintained and constantly updated blogs get, on average, six times more traffic than those without a blog. And traffic to your website means clients and customers, and that means revenue. So blog, and blog often. In return, you will see your website traffic improve followed by web engagement, all of which will see you stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Outsource The Right Tasks

There is no denying that companies have started to outsource more and more over the past few years, and for good reason too. The freelance pool is more talented than ever, the risks are lower and upscaling is made possible at the flick of a switch. However, so many companies are still failing to outsource at the right time, thus meaning they waste resources unnecessarily. What we mean is, too many companies only outsource when the going gets good. But outsourcing allows you to succeed during market lows too. So if you have a pool of designers in your marketing department that are draining resources, it may be time to cut back and lose them. That way you can call on the freelance pool when you need to, and get better results too. Outsourcing work usually sees work get completed faster and to a higher standard, and that is because freelancers need to build up a positive reputation, while also delivering timely work so that they can pay and move onto the next job. But designers are just one example. It could be that you have a vast amount of full-time content writers or an inefficient PR team. So why not outsource their work on a task by task basis, and drastically reduce your marketing costs at the same rate as improving your work. And by reducing costs, we mean overheads such as salaries, bonuses, utility bills, office space and other relatable costs.

As a chief marketing officer or head of marketing, your hands are usually full with a myriad of different tasks, from managing sales to managing expenses, managing client relationships to managing the implementation of certain strategies. This can be hard, if not impossible at times. However, the advice we outlined above has hopefully been helpful in informing you of the different ways you can streamline your marketing team, both in terms of productivity, quality and cost. After all, in what is a highly competitive market, it is all about improving quality while reducing resources and saving budget.

It may take some time to get into the swing of things and make these tips and tricks become habit, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly they take effect. Trust us.


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