Worth The Risk? Three Elements Of Health And Safety You Can’t Afford To Ignore

beggers January 12, 2017 0
Worth The Risk? Three Elements Of Health And Safety You Can’t Afford To Ignore

One of the most important, and yet sadly neglected, elements of running a business is making sure that everyone, yourself included, gets to work in a safe and secure environment. Health and safety procedures might seem pointless and obvious to some, but they are there because they save lives. And having to be more careful and avoiding shortcuts is a small price to pay for the safety of both you and your employees. Despite how important it is, health and safety is ignored by far too many business owners who see it as a barrier to productivity. Not only is this wrong, health and safety is there to ensure that the entire business runs as smoothly as possible, but it’s also dangerous. Here are three elements of health and safety that your business simply can’t afford to ignore.

Site assessments

The very first thing that you should always think of concerning health and safety is the site itself. A lot of business owners assume that this only needs to apply to construction sites, warehouses and anywhere else where employees would be tasked with heavy lifting and other potentially dangerous tasks. But making sure that your premises are safe applies to every single type of business. Look at your office space, is there adequate room for employees to move around freely? Are there wires and other hazards trailing around the room? Do you have enough fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other pieces of safety equipment? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself on a daily basis. If you’re constantly aware of the condition of your premises, then an accident is far less likely to occur.

Staff training

Of course, you can’t guarantee that your employees are safe unless they are taking the correct steps to ensure that. Make sure that you’re providing health and safety training to every single staff member with refresher sessions throughout the year. By giving your employees the correct information and tools to keep themselves safe, you reduce any risks by a staggeringly large amount. Don’t assume that because you’ve reduced hazards in your site that you no longer have any safety concerns. Make sure that your employees always remember that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Leading by example

You might have read the phrase “health and safety is everyone’s responsibility” and assumed that it only applied to your employees. Well, that is far from the case. You need to make sure that you are leading by example. If you aren’t taking health and safety procedures seriously then how can you possibly expect your employees to do the same? Make sure that you’re refreshing your own awareness of health and safety and that you always follow all of the same rules that you apply to your staff. If you’re all working together to ensure that your office is as safe an environment as possible, then you’ll be able to get back to focussing on making your business a success.

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