World Wide Web: Business In The Digital Age

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World Wide Web: Business In The Digital Age

One of the interesting things about the internet is that it was invented in order to cover the CERN large hadron collider site on the border of France and Switzerland. Invented by the British physicist Tim Berners-Lee,  it was intended as a way to link computers around the facility so that documents could be accessed from any module around the 27km circuit of the collider itself. It is now a worldwide marvel that connects people all over the world every second. It has also revolutionized the world of business. The ecommerce market is now worth $22 trillion dollars. These figures refer not only to products bought online from sites like Amazon and eBay, but also all of the services that businesses around the world advertise on their personal websites. The necessity of having a website for your business today is comparable to the need that businesses once felt when telephones became common, commercially available devices. One of the reasons for this is that the internet has made it easier now than ever before to run a business on a global scale. The speed at which you can communicate with a customer is almost instantaneous. While junk emails may make the first fifteen minutes of your day quite tiresome, being able to write to people all over the world for free should make it up for it. There are still logistical difficulties such as sending products in transit, either by air or sea, to customers around the world, but the opportunity to do business around the world is infinitely better than only being able to rely on a local customer base. If you want your business to have an international scope, here are a few tips:


Becoming an international business person is not easy. When you run a local business, there are lots of factors that you have to consider. What are your customers interested in, and what marketing campaigns will appeal to them? What will your costs be and how are you going to keep them down? What are your reasonable expectations for growth? All of these questions become a lot more complicated when you intend to do business on a global scale. That is why you should study. International accounting and finance courses are the best first step in learning what you need to so that you can succeed. Besides, many courses are available online so you can study alongside work if you wish.

An important thing about which international business people need to be aware is how different cultures will understand different things. Comporting yourself in a culturally specific way is important when you travel to meet clients, but so is tailoring your brand to those places. While an idea or an allusion may be obvious to American customers, it could be meaningless to others, and what’s more, it could be offensive. You may think that this is unlikely, but even massive corporations with their resources to match have failed to get the tone right in their campaigns. For instance, a poorly translated Pepsi ad in China suggested that the soft drink could bring back relatives from the grave. Research is everything, especially in the international market.

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