Workplace Alcohol & Drugs Testing: Does Your Industry Need it?

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Workplace Alcohol & Drugs Testing: Does Your Industry Need it?

According to Alcohol Change UK, productivity loss as a result of alcohol costs the economy over £7 billion annually. The charity also reported that 35% of people claim to have witnessed their colleagues under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work. Such circumstances could occur due to employees attending work hungover or still affected, for example. It’s also fair to assume that work may be affected due to the health issues that can arise from drug and alcohol consumption. With this problem in mind, there are benefits to be accessed from deploying alcohol and drug testing in the workplace.

1 . Increased Safety 

An alcohol and drug testing program is beneficial to improve safety in the workplace. While accidents can happen in any workplace, of course, some industries are more high risk than others. Testing within environments such as healthcare, construction, or transportation, for example, could potentially prevent fatal accidents due to work performed under the influence.

2 . Improved Health 

Once you put Alcohol Testing in motion, you can guarantee healthier employees. Overuse of alcohol and drugs damage both physical and mental health, yet with the right measures in place, the consumption is reduced. When employees are in better health, there’s less downtime due to sickness plus enhanced morale overall. Alcohol and drug abuse is often linked to crime and violence, yet with the right program in place, you’ll keep these issues out of the workplace.

3. Save cash & increase productivity

When employees are unproductive or absent, your company will suffer financial losses over time. Putting measures in place to solve these issues can help your company to save money and raise productivity levels. Of course, when employees are under the influence on the job- productivity suffers as a result. When you’re running a business, it’s no secret than you’ll want to keep on increasing your revenue, with minimal setbacks.

Does your industry need it? 

As discussed above, there are plenty of benefits to be had from testing for alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Overall, these benefits span each industry in terms of productivity, finance, and safety. Naturally, there are some industries in which testing is more strongly advised.


A report by the Considerate Constructors Scheme concluded that 59% of the industry are concerned about how alcohol and drugs negatively affects the construction workforce. Due to the high-risk nature of the role in itself, testing within this sector is highly advisable. Despite this, the same report concluded that 65% of participants had never been tested for alcohol or drugs. Industries such as healthcare and transport would also be well advised to put testing policies in place.

While many industries do not put mandatory requirements in place, within some sectors, employers could take it upon themselves to create their own policies. There are a number of different types of drugs and alcohol testing kits available for businesses who are concerned with the health and safety issues raised here.

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