Why SEO Is The Most Important Part Of Digital Marketing Services

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Why SEO Is The Most Important Part Of Digital Marketing Services

The most important digital marketing technique is SEO. Long before now, all a company needed was a functional website. Having a website became obsolete and it became necessary to make your website mobile friendly. Now, the world has completely moved towards mobile technology and having a mobile app is the real deal. Any company that is serious to makes sales needs the services of mobile app developers.

However, there is a big challenge. App development exploded and right now, there are too many mobile apps around. App developers are still churning out different categories of apps by the day. It is no longer enough just to have an app, you now need to optimize your app to be noticed. App development is no longer complete with SEO. In fact, companies now hire app developers that can also hand search engine optimization. No amount of marketing will be effective without any SEO efforts from the mobile app developers. This is why SEO has become indispensable to every website and mobile app.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps, websites and webpages to make them rank high in search engines. So, the main benefit of SEO services is to give your app high ranking. When your webpages have high ranking, they will appear in either the first or second page of search engine results.

SEO services are very important because people now do an online research before ordering products and services. When they do, Google and other search engines will return all the webpages based on their ranks. The webpages with higher ranks will appear first.

Regular traffic

SEO services pull regular traffic. This is because most prospective customers do not go beyond the second search engine result page before making their decision. Webpages that appear in the first or the second relevant search engine result page will get more orders than others.

Your competitors have already optimized their websites

Another reason this service is important is that most of your competitors have already optimized their websites. It means that you are just shortchanging yourself if you continue to ignore the service. You have definitely started losing customers to your competitors. It may be too late by the time this reflects in your bottom line. Commerce is moving from offline to online. In a few years, there will be only two kinds of businesses. It will be the ones that have been optimized and the ones that are no longer sustainable.

Boost of brand credibility

People trust search engines so much. So, when your web links keep appearing often on search engine result pages, your credibility will be boosted. This will also help to reinforce your brand. Once you earn customers’ trust, it will lead to regular traffic with high sales conversion rate. How do you feel about a brand when you keep seeing it all over the internet? The brand great and their products are fantastic… isn’t it? This is exactly how people will feel about your brand when your website is well optimized for search engines.


SEO is one of the cheapest methods of marketing. It is cheaper than Google Adwords and all other forms of digital marketing. This may be because it takes a long time before you begin to get the result. This is why it requires several months of hard work and a lot of perseverance. The pay-off lies in the permanence of the result. Once the traffic starts coming, it won’t cease. Unlike Google Adwords that will stop pulling customers the day you stop paying for clicks.

However, you need to hire a highly experienced SEO specialist to work with you to achieve the desired result faster. Since Google changes their rules often, your best bet is to hire a Google certified search engine optimization expert.

The very first step towards search engine optimization is to submit your site to Google. The required steps to do that have been outlined right below.

The Best Way to Submit Your Site to Google

For Google to display your site on its search engine result page (SERP), you have to submit it to Google. However, Google has its own set of procedures for displaying results. On its own, Google has to find, crawl and analyze your site before it can be included in its SERP. To achieve this, Google makes use of Googlebot, a spider that wanders all over the web to gather information.

Instead of waiting for Google to find your website, it is better to submit your sitemap to Google yourself because you don’t know how long it will take for Google to find your website. Your site will be found sooner and it will be crawled and analyzed very soon.

A sitemap is a list that shows all the pages of your website and the order of their organization. But you have to establish an account on Google Search Console before you can submit your sitemap. Below are the steps to submit your site to Google Search Console.

Open an account on Google Search Console

The very first step is to open an account with Google Search Console. Your profile has to be in their database before you can enjoy their services. It is just like you can’t save your money in any bank without opening an account in the bank first.

Add your site to Google Search Console

This does not require any technical skill as a lot of people believe. Rather, it is just a few steps. In fact, it involves just typing your site’s URL in a Google designated field and you’re good to go.

Create a comprehensive sitemap

You can study your website and create a sitemap for it. That is about the best way but it will take a handful of time. You could also make use of any of the numerous free online sitemap generators. So, this should not be a problem.

Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console

This is the last and most important step. All the previous steps are in preparation for this last step. It is also quite easy. Just log in to your Google Search Console account and locate the section for sitemaps. When you see it, click on “more”. After that, click on the Add/test Sitemap button. This will take you to the sitemap you created. All you have to do is to select it and click upload and you’re done.

This should make Google list your site in its Search Engine Result Page as quickly as possible. But there is a little caveat to it. It does not guarantee that your site will be listed on the first SERP. Only less than 10 percent of Google Search Engine users go beyond the third result page. So, if your site comes out in the fourth or fifth result page, your chances of pulling traffic will be very slim. However, you can embark on search engine optimization to improve your Google ranking.

It is also very important to hire a competent search engine optimization expert. Google trains several people on search engine optimization after which the trainees take certification examinations. And if they pass the examinations, they get certified. It is highly advisable to hire a Google certified professional for search engine optimization Sydney. Apart from the training, Google regularly notifies its graduates of any new SEO technology.

Another great way to hire a competent SEO expert is to seek reference. Do you know of any of your friends, family or colleagues whose website has been successfully optimized for search engine? You might need to talk to them to give you the contact of the specialist who handled it.

The reasons above is why every mobile app development company and ever digital marketing services provider agrees that digital marketing is not complete without some SEO services.

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