Why Playing Too Safe Can Destroy Your Business

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Why Playing Too Safe Can Destroy Your Business

If you are in business, chances are that you are in it to make a living and have a better job satisfaction than you would if you were employed by a company. However, you don’t want to lose it all, and know very well that the majority of new businesses fail in the first few years. If you want to avoid making the same mistake, you might avoid risks at all cost. Taking risk avoidance too far, can, however, damage your business just like too much risk. Below you will find a few reasons why you need to be ready to take some risks.


Lack of Investment

If you want to grow your business, you will have to invest in it. You can wait years for it to take off, and play safe when it comes to investing in technologies or marketing. When you are a new player in a competitive marketplace, it is important that you get the word out about what you do, so you can get customers and get the return on investment back as soon as possible. You might want to talk to a full service sales funnel agency that will create a system that will generate you leads on autopilot.

Not Expanding Your Team



As an entrepreneur, you might have little or no faith in other people’s ability. You could hold back hiring people, and this will result in burnouts. You have to accept that not everyone will be doing the job as well as you do, especially in the beginning. However, it is crucial that you train your talent that will replace you in a couple of roles, so you can increase your volume and make the most out of your productivity. You sometimes have to take a step back from tasks in your business that you don’t have time for, and prioritise processes.

Doing What Others Do

If you are following a blueprint of building a type of business, you are never going to get more than average results. You should avoid copying other players in your market, and find your unique selling proposition. Learn how to deliver more value to your clients than the majority of players in the market, and do your market research. If you try to please everyone, chances are that you will end up pleasing nobody.

Lack of Individual Tone

If you don’t align your mission, vision, and values with your target market’s, it will be much harder for you to stand out. You can work with a copywriter who can help you hit the right tone, but the first step is getting to know your ideal clients. When you start a business, you start with developing a product or service that solves people’s problems. Learn as much as possible about the problems your potential clients are facing, so you can develop marketing messages they can relate to on an emotional level.

Selling Yourself Cheap

You might be passionate about your business and the people you serve, but this doesn’t mean that you should do the job for free. You cannot afford your passion destroy your entrepreneurial venture. Be realistic about how much your products and services are worth, and set up a target profit margin for your business, so you can make the most out of your opportunities. Sometimes, when you are selling yourself too cheap, people will be reluctant to use you, and fail to take you seriously. You should know your value and communicate it, so you don’t have to hard sell to your market; they will understand it and respect it.

Avoiding Finance

Many people try to start a business on a budget, which is not a problem, provided that you can put up with slow growth. You need to look at your marketing and technological costs as an investment, not just a cost, and work out how much more money you will be able to make if you implement the changes and strategies. Don’t let your financial situation hold you back from success; talk to a finance professional. Buddy loans are a direct guarantor loan lender offering affordable deals for individuals looking for flexible finance option.


Taking too many risks can damage your business, but too little will prevent you from growing and scaling your venture. Find the right balance between risking it all and not doing anything that is outside of the box, and you can have a steady growth in your business without getting into financial trouble.

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