Why Market Research Matters

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Why Market Research Matters

No matter what sector you are working in, you will find that the market changes easily. Whether it’s the product, the service, the way of working, the technology involved, or perhaps something else as yet unheard of, things will change.

It’s important for your business to keep up to date with these changes so that you can always be at the forefront of any innovations, making you the leader in your field. This is just one of the benefits of market research; there are many more, and it is one of the most crucial elements of running a business, so ensure you make the time to find out the information you need. If you do, it will save you time in the long term and could save you money as well. So, if you own a business, here are just some of the reasons why you should carry out market research.

Find New Customers

Every business needs customers to survive, so finding new clients is an important part of your business plan. However, until you know who you are looking for it will be difficult to create a marketing strategy that focuses on the right people. You can’t just assume that everyone, young and old, male and female, couples and parents or single people are all going to want what you have to offer. You need to make your marketing much more specialized than that.

Start by looking at your product or service and asking questions about the specifics to determine who is going to use your product. You need to know what age range your potential customers will be, and what gender. You should also find out what their marital status is, whether or not they have children, where they live and what their income is. These questions will enable you to tailor your marketing directly to the people who are going to be most likely to spend money with you.

Know Your Existing Customers

Market research can also help you understand your current customers and get to know them better. This is important because you don’t want to lose the core group of people spending money with you while you chase after new prospects; it is much more profitable to sell more products to an existing customer than it is to find new ones.

It’s useful to know what makes your customers choose your products rather than your competitor’s. This will give you a useful edge which you can focus on in your advertising. You can also try to find out how your products and services solve the problems that occur in your customers’ lives. You could look into how they are used to overcome a challenge. As well as this, it will be good to know who influences the purchasing decisions that your customers make. Using all of this information together means you can continue to keep your current customers happy so that they will come back to you time and again.

Set Targets

Market research will help you to set targets, which are essential if you want a solid path to follow for your business’s success. Having data to hand regarding your customers and about the area you are working in will enable you to set realistic and achievable goals. If a goal is out of reach, then it can easily be forgotten, and the business can flounder with no direction to go in.

Growth occurs when there is a series of realistic goals that can be met within a specific timeframe. Put these goals in order, and you can climb a self-made ladder to becoming a thriving, growing, successful business.

Find Out More About Yourself

It can be all too easy for a business owner to ignore the facts about their own business and concentrate on other matters instead. However, using market research in the form of Reputation Mart to find out what people are saying about you can help you significantly. If there is a problem with your customer service, for example, you will find out about it and be able to address the issue. The same is true for delivery times and product ranges, or anything else that your business offers.

Not everyone will tell you there is a problem even if they have been seriously inconvenienced by it. However, they may well take to the internet and social media or review sites to vent their frustration. Doing your market research on your own company will yield interesting results. They may not be pleasant, but they will always be useful. Try to not take any problems too personally and work on the negative points whilst boosting the positive ones, and you’ll do well out of it.

Those businesses that choose to carry on without taking notice of what the general public is saying about them will have problems finding and keeping customers.

Develop New Strategies

If you carry out the right levels of market research in the right way, you will be better equipped to make more informed decisions about your business. This could include pricing, for example – finding out what your customers are willing to pay as well as what your competitors both on and offline are already charging is supremely useful.

You will also be able to determine your marketing strategy by understanding which platforms to advertise on. Sometimes social media will be the most effective way to do this, sometimes it will be flyers through doors, sometimes it will need to be printed in a magazine, but if you don’t take the time to ask the questions, you might choose the wrong platform and waste a lot of time and money.

Expansion plans can also benefit from market research. You may feel that you are ready to take the next step and open up a new branch or franchise your business, but before you do you need to ensure that there is a market for your expansion. Market research will tell you.

No matter what kind of strategy you are trying to think of, market research should always be your first step.


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