What’s More Important In Business- Marketing Or Reputation?

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What’s More Important In Business- Marketing Or Reputation?

Like many astute business leaders would say, your reputation is everything, guard it with your life. When you are running a business, you have a reputation to maintain, regardless of when you started out. Whether you are brand new, fresh out of the box and into the markets, or you’ve been at this game for a long time, your reputation means everything. But also, throwing something else into the mix, is marketing as vital a tool as everyone says it is now? So, which is a more prudent force, your marketing, or your reputation? Can they work in conjunction with each other? Or do you need just one of these to thrive? Let’s answer the question…

Your Reputation Precedes You…

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What is your reputation? Is it to do with your personality, or is it your business brand? You can argue that both are intertwined, especially in the early days of your company, but the vital thing to take away when it comes to pushing forward with a solid reputation is that your reputation is something that will last longer than anything else. There are various management gurus that have talked about you being the brand and everything else is just marketing for this brand called “you.” While marketing is one aspect of promoting a company, reputation, brand, and your personality, are all intertwined as one. Look at the demand for a more personal approach in businesses, especially small ones. A lot of modern marketing processes rely on things like vlogs, blogs, and social media, all tools that gain an insight into the business and how it runs. So, your reputation in this respect is the main part of how your business will gain traction. This is how you will gain followers, and this is how you will connect and develop that all important relationship with the customer. So, from the perspective of the customer would they go for you, someone that they can appear to trust, or would they go for someone who they know nothing about? The vast majority of people will go for the former, and this is why your reputation has to be solid.

A Market Difference…

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Marketing is the means in getting our products out there, to the right people. Marketing isn’t just a fine art, but it’s complex mathematics. It’s something that every business needs to get a grip on so they can understand exactly who to promote their product to so they are not wasting time, effort, and more importantly, money! And what is the most important aspect of marketing? It’s relationships, not just with your customer, but with your marketing gurus, your clients, and everybody else in between. Look at the guys from Digital Hitmen, their client roster varies, from chalets, to entertainment, to podiatry, the importance of establishing a relationship with a marketing company, or an SEO business, will serve you in excellent stead. Marketing is about finding the perfect canvas for your painting. This can be very difficult. While your reputation is the one thing that will keep people coming back, you need to get yourself out there to people in the first place. The market is thoroughly oversaturated now, and as the oft-discussed statistic of start-up companies, and how many fail within the first year, which is on average, 8 out of 10, this means that every company is pushing much harder than before to get their product perfect first time, but also to understand where they need to promote themselves. And what is the key to marketing? Targeting the specific demographic. A big mistake that startup companies make at the outset is to attack as many different demographics as possible so that they are getting a little bit of success in each one, but this is not a concentrated, or even sensible, way of marketing to the right people. It is also a big waste of money. Relationships with the customer mean research, find out who will buy your product, and who is going to benefit from it more. This may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised as to how many companies hedge their bets, rather than streamlining their marketing efforts.

So, which is more important, marketing, or reputation? It seems like they both go hand in hand, but, if you were to pick one, reputation would win hands down, and for the simple reason that reputation will last a lot longer than any small marketing effort. Your reputation will last longer than you, your products, and, quite possibly, your business. But make sure that you have a handy marketing campaign in your back pocket, should your reputation dissipate.

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