Why A Website Redesign Should Be Top Of Your To Do List In 2018

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Why A Website Redesign Should Be Top Of Your To Do List In 2018

As a new year dawns on your business, you’ll be thinking of new strategies and priorities to focus on. Whatever your targets- growing revenue, expanding services, or finding new customers, the starting point is always your website. Your shop window to the world, and the first port of call for customers, suppliers, potential financiers and many others, it’s always a great investment to focus on- and one that you need to constantly revisit. It’s your most valuable tool for making connections, creating brand credibility and growing your business. Every single business, from an Events Management company to Accounting Services needs a website that showcases what you do.

Making your website redesign your 2018 priority can only lead to a greater return on investment. Here’s why you need to make it a priority…

It’s Missing Your Brand Story

Your website gives you an essential channel to show the personality of your business. There’s no better place to bring your brand and it’s values to life. This is crucial, because it differentiates you from the competition and allows you to connect with potential customers. Before making any changes to your site, consider what impact your brand messages are having, and how best to amplify them. Test it out with a sample of web visitors- what does your site tell them about what your business stands for?

It Doesn’t Use The Latest Technology

Standards spread fast across the web, and as one new technology is adopted somewhere, so web users expect it as standard elsewhere. Features like an automated live contact, or ‘chatbot’ are becoming standard. They can help to provide a 24-hr presence, channel enquiries to the right place and deal with routine service procedures. It’s definitely worth reviewing what features your site has and what it needs to keep up with competitors.

It Doesn’t Do The SEO Heavy Lifting

Your website is also the most important part of your marketing weaponry because the content makes you visible through search engines- as long as it’s fully optimised. So run an SEO check on your site to make sure prime phrases and keywords are used throughout, all the images have alt tags and your page titles include your target keywords. Research what those should be with a keyword research tool.

It’s Just Too Slow

User tolerance for slow loading times is decreasing all the time- users used to quick, seamless interactions have a very short attention span. If your website loads slowly, then you could be driving potential customers away. As internet speeds increase, the problem just gets worse and customers will only give a site seconds before clicking off. You should also make sure that the site is optimised for mobile viewing. More and more people now visit using their smartphones and if the experience isn’t smooth and they can’t carry out functions easily, you won’t be seeing them return.

There Are No Clear Calls To Action

When you’re thinking through the customer journey on your site, you need to consider what you want them to think, feel and, ultimately, do. But is it clear to them what they need to do? It will be clear to you, but it may not be so obvious to those you’re trying to reach. The idea is to make the process as seamless as possible, and that means a clear call to action on each and every page. It could be getting them to add an item to their basket, proceed to the checkout, make a call, sign up to an email list or download a document. If the call to action isn’t clear and prominent enough, it could be having a major impact on your bottom line.

It’s Completely Outdated

Website design moves at the speed of light, and it’s easy to get left behind while focusing on other business priorities. Your customers will expect your website to have an up to the minute design – which means clean graphics, great photography and easy to use. Could your design be dated and letting you down? Refreshing your site should be a constant process, but a complete design review should be undertaken at least every couple of year. User testing is important and you can either purchase a template to personalise or work with a web designer with a contemporary portfolio of recent design projects. A well designed website is something that you can be proud of.

It’s Hard To Update

A constant flow of fresh content is imperative to the success of your site. Fresh content will improve your domain authority, site visibility and draw in customers. But if your site is complex or slow to update, you won’t be doing it as often as you should. Make sure you are using a Content Management System (CMS) that is frequently supplied with updates, and simplifies essential processes while also allowing you to publish updates on the move.


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