Ways to Track your Mobile Content’s Reach

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Ways to Track your Mobile Content’s Reach

To gain more traffic for your website, the first step is to understand your mobile content’s current reach and how to improve this. Although 5 billion people have a mobile with a signal, there are plenty of businesses and services vying for their attention. Therefore, it is important to consistently analyze your website traffic and monitor potential improvements that could be made to this. There are multiple ways to understand your mobile’s reach and these will be detailed below.

Use analytics

Google analytics is an obvious way to understand the number of visitors to your webpage and what in particular is grabbing their attention, as well as what is not. Although obvious, Google can present you with an accurate understanding of your content’s reach on mobile devices as the majority of mobile users use Google to start off their searches.

Google splits its data into people who are visiting for the first time and people with multiple visits – if your content is successful, you should have good numbers of people returning to your website, and these returners are more likely to produce sales or you. However, a basic assessment of first-time visitors will prove solely that your mobile SEO is optimized enough for people to find your website when making relevant searches.

The nest thing that you should do is check the engagement rate as it is here that you will be able to see how long visitors have spent on each page and what grabs their attention the most. The average person visits a site for 15 seconds, yet it is unlikely that you will convert these visits into actual sales, compared with the number of sales you have from people who visit your site for a longer length of time. Knowing how many people have visited each page is also vital to understanding what the most important pages of your website are and which could be improved.


However, nothing could be better than getting feedback directly from your target audience, as this will allow you to monitor how people are thinking and feeling while they are directly interacting with your website.

Video insight platforms such as Voxpopme are also good indicators of how people are feeling when using your website as their platforms allow people to give video feedback to you directly, making it easier for you to analyze their responses.

A good way to monitor feedback is by using site feedback forms or a prominent contact page where you can ask people to give feedback as this will help you to hear people’s personal opinions and answer questions: why is the bounce rate high? Why are people drawn to particular pages? Is the design easy to interact with?

You could also create a comment section at the bottom of all the content on your website as this will allow people to give their opinions easily on their mobile and is an easy device to gauge responses to specific pages through.

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