How VPS Hosting Can Improve Your Business Security

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How VPS Hosting Can Improve Your Business Security

One of the biggest challenges for online security is cybercrime. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are becoming a common threat to online businesses, posing a risk to website and application security.  Your online security is directly related to your reputation and the safety of your valuable data, so you must consult a reputable hosting provider who can provide a secure solution.

Security Risks to SMEs

Many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) believe they are too small to fall victim to a malicious cyberattack, as they think that hackers would more likely target larger, more established organizations. However, many large companies have the finances, infrastructure and technical know-how to prevent a cyberattack from becoming a reality effectively.

For this reason, many cybercriminals are turning their attentions to SMEs, as they are more likely to gain control of an infrastructure through various vulnerabilities within a network. It is vital that small and medium-sized companies start taking security threats seriously, or they could experience a cyberattack that could lead to financial loss, reputational damage and data problems that can cause various legal and growth issues. A VPS hosting solution might, therefore, be an affordable, secure solution for companies looking to improve their online security. We are looking at the security benefits of VPS hosting, which is an affordable, safe hosting solution ideal for small to medium-sized companies.

The VPS Hosting Benefits

A VPS hosting solution not only allows you to scale your website or application to your company’s growth, but it can also improve your online security, as a provider can help with internal encryption, full disk encryption within the virtual infrastructure, manage interface security and the latest virtual technology standard to counteract security threats.

Window & Linux Options

The likes of can provide both Linux and Windows VPS hosting, which could protect your company against various website or application security threats, such as malware attacks. While cyber threats are a common part of modern business, a VPS solution can be the perfect way to protect your company from an attack that aims to bring down your website/application or steal and destroy your important data.

How to Prevent a Cyberattack on a VPS Host

It helps to embark with a set of standard rules when running a VPS server, such as an internal and external server audit, which can provide an insight into organizational threats to your system and any vulnerabilities, such as an ample backdoor for a cybercriminal.

Server hardening could also provide additional security to the server, as it can eradicate any security holes within a network, Linux firewall, connected data centre or SSH access.


Any small to medium-sized enterprise looking to heighten and tighten their security should consider VPS hosting, which can protect various cyberattacks from damaging a company. Thanks to the innovative developments of virtualization technology, VPS hosting is a cheap, reliable hosting solution that can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your bu

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