VMFive Wins TechCrunch Beijing’s Startup Competition

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VMFive Wins TechCrunch Beijing’s Startup Competition

More than 200 companies representing a wide array of mobile and hardware technology entered TechCrunch Beijing’s (organized with TechNode) startup competition, but VMFive stood out with AdPlay, which lets users demo an app before purchasing it with no pre-installed software or SDKs required from developers.

VMFive, a cloud virtualization tech company, has already tested AdPlay in China and Japan, where it says it saw a conversion rate 50 percent to 300 percent higher than banner and video ads for apps. AdPlay’s main competitors are App.io, Voxel, and MNectar, but VMFive differentiates with several features. One lets developers customize app trials–for example, they can let users test out different levels of a game. AdPlay also offers 2D and 3D game support and is optimized for Unity and Cocos2D.

VMFive is currently doing internal testing of AdPlay with one of the top three app stores in China and plans to launch AdPlay in Taiwan in Q3 2014 and in Japan in Q4 2014.

“We are not an app platform, we are a cloud platform. Our core solution is mobile virtualization, real-time 2D/3D rendering,” said VMFive’s chief revenue officer Dominique Tu in his presentation. “Advertising is only first. We can do cloud app testing, cloud gaming. We are looking for ways to enhance the platform.”

VMFive’s prizes include trips to the Startup Nations Summit World Startup Competition in November and the Global Brain Alliance Forum in December.

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