Unlocking The Secrets Of SEO

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Unlocking The Secrets Of SEO

Search engine optimisation is absolutely essential for any modern business. When most people are looking for a product or service these days, their first port of call is to do a quick internet search. The vast majority of people don’t look beyond the first page of the search engine, and indeed 70% of all the traffic is centred on the first three links. This tells you just how important it is to create a site that is optimised for search engines and encourages them to move your site up to the top.

While search engine optimisation isn’t an exact science, there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of moving up the pecking order. Take a look at this handy checklist to find out how to improve the chances of your own website ranking highly.

Focus On Keywords

You almost need to think about second guessing what people are likely to type into search engines to find your business. Do some research beforehand, and you should be able to find out the number of searches people are making per month for various words and phrases. You should then concentrate the content of your site around these. The word or phrase should be used frequently on your site, but not too often so that it doesn’t seem natural.

Regularly Update Content

The main content on your site should remain relatively consistent, but you should also have pages which can be updated. A news or blog page is perfect for this, giving you the opportunity to keep your site fresh. Search engines have been shown to react positively to sites in which the content is frequently updated. Within your posts, include links back to other parts of your website as well as external links. Make sure to promote each new blog post through social media and email marketing techniques.

Get External Links

This is a method that has been proven to work. You need to get links back to your website through other sites which are trusted and already have a good reputation. If you have partnerships with other companies, try to do an exchange where you put each other’s links on your respective sites. Approach other sites that you may be able to do some guest blogging on and include a link back to your site at the end. The more links you can get from trusted sources, the better.

Create Great Content

A similar point to the second one but one that is no less important, your content should be interesting to read and draw people in. There’s no point in just creating content for the sake of it. It should be readable and have a title that makes people want to click on it if they are coming through social media or another external site.

These are just a few things you can do to improve your chances of ranking highly on a search engine. There are various specialists out there if you need support with any of the more technical areas of SEO.

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