Trusted Tips For Trusting Customers

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Trusted Tips For Trusting Customers

Do you know what all customers want from the companies that they do business with? A professional relationship that comes with trust from both parts. If that trust isn’t there, then someone is a lot less likely to want to do business with you.

So, where does this need for more trust come from? Well, it’s all to do with the Internet and the dawn of online businesses. Even though the online world is a lot securer than it has ever been, web users are still extremely wary of all the things that could go wrong when dealing with companies online. Security breaches from hackers and losing all of their private data are just a couple of things that could occur.

Once a customer is happy that your company is not a risky option for them, they will happily use you for your various services and goods. Wondering how you can build up the trust, though? Then read on!


Have A Professional Web Design

It is important that you bring your website up to date. If it looks like you haven’t updated it since the 1990s, then there is no way a customer is going to trust you with their personal information or credit card details! So, you need a very slick design that helps your business looks contemporary. When you use graphics, make sure that they are of a high quality. Otherwise, your site will look particularly messy. Even though the aesthetics of a website aren’t an indicator of how secure it is, it is something that your customers will pick up on. And, as they are the ones who make the final decision about which company they go with, it is important that you impress them with your website!

Don’t Ever Misrepresent Your Products

You will probably show off your best products in advertisements and online. Whenever you do, it is important that they are represented correctly and that the customer can clearly see its benefits and uses. If you do misrepresent something, then the customer could take this the wrong you and think that you are lying to them. So, before all your adverts get the greenlight, it is important that you double check them, as misrepresenting a product can often occur without a company even realizing it. It is also necessary for your online descriptions of products to be transparent. Make sure that all the necessary measurements of products are mentioned, and that you have photographs that clearly show the various features.


Be Open About How You Use Their Data

Data privacy is a big thing these days, and many customers are not impressed with the way certain companies sell their personal information on. If you do make money from selling customer’s data, you should be very honest and open about this. But it is a much better practice not to do this in the first place. A better way to win around your customers is to store all of their data securely. If you have contract agreements between your company and the customer, the best way to do this is to use a records management service. If you only store your customers’ contact and payment details, you should be able to store everything efficiently on the cloud.


Get Certified

If your company’s online safety and security are both up to scratch, it is now possible to get certified by standards agencies. For instance, you could get a seal of guarantee from the likes of Trust Guard to display on your website. Customers really do look out for these signs of good practice, and they help them build their trust in companies. However, these don’t come cheap, and you will have to pay for the organizations to check out your company. But you will certainly find that it is worth it as it can greatly increase your customer base!

Ask For Testimonials

Something else that customers like to see on a company’s website is testimonials. You need to try to get as many as possible onto your website, as these can show how highly your previous customers and clients think of your company. It’s perfectly fine to ask your customers to send in a review after they have dealt with your business. Most customers who were happy with the service will be glad to send you some kind words. It is also worth listing your company on external company review websites, such as Yelp. Many customers also double check these websites to make sure that other people were happy with the company in question. Unfortunately, you can’t monitor these sites, and any negative reviews and ratings will stay up!


Contact Details

Another thing that customers like to see on a business website: contact details. You should list, at the very minimum, your company’s fixed address, telephone number, and email address. If possible, it is also worth adding a small Google map to show the location of your office or HQ. There are lots of scams and risky business schemes out there, and the best way to prove that you are a legitimate company with nothing to hide is to publicize your contact details. One additional way you can increase customers’ trust even further is to add each employee’s email under their profile on your team page. Most people trust individual emails a lot more than a generic email address.

Keep Prices Consistent

If you have a wide range of products and services, it is important that you keep your prices consistent across the board. If there are any obvious discrepancies, customers could start to think that there is some kind of con going on. You should also bear in mind that raising your prices over a very short period of time can also raise alarms amongst customers. It is perfectly alright for a business to raise prices, however, it should never be any more than 5% at a time. If you choose to go any higher, you could lose a large chunk of your customer base.

Secure Checkouts

If you have an online store attached to your company’s website, you will need to make sure that the checkout process is as secure as possible. If it doesn’t appear secure, customers could go elsewhere. The best thing you can do is to use a trusted and highly regarded third-party payment vendor for all the transactions. One of the most trusted is PayPal, but there are others out there. You should also make sure that all of the URLs for your checkout sites begin with https instead of just http. That extra ‘s’ means that the site is extra secure, and is something that customers know they need to look out for.

Update Your Blog

It is also worth pointing out that some customers like to see a regularly updated blog on a business’s website. By adding new content, you can show that you are constantly updating your site and will, therefore, also be keeping up to date with any new security features that come out. Not only that, though, but a blog also gives customers an indication of the kind of service they can expect from your company. For instance, a very formal blog gives the impression of a very serious company. Ideally, you need to make sure that all your blog articles are authoritative and trustworthy. The best way to ensure that is to get an industry expert to write them!


Once you start to utilize all of these tips, you will find that your customers begin to really trust you!

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