Top tips for making your HR processes more digitalized

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Top tips for making your HR processes more digitalized

The way that we work and conduct business continues to change at a rapid pace. Not only are the ways that organizations connect and engage with employees becoming increasingly digitalized, but so too are the tools used by internal HR departments. Gone are the days of writing out payslips by hand, or sending out newsletters by snail mail. Instead, organizations are looking to use tools that can help to speed up and improve a range of internal necessities, from year-round HR dialogues, such as those needed to log performance management, to the more general day-to-day housekeeping that companies need to keep ticking over.

However, not all organizations are embracing this change with open arms. Some companies see digitalization as a threat, it could mean positions are becoming automated, and employees that are lower down the organizational chart fear that they risk losing their jobs. The reality is far from that. While in a not too distant future, automation may become commonplace, nowadays these online tools and software are essential to help speed up some processes and provide peace of mind in others. Using an online tool also ensures that human error is kept at a minimum, and some tasks can even be scheduled in to be completed overnight or during non-business hours – so that departments arrive on a Monday morning ready to begin their working week.

Update your current HR strategy

If your current HR strategy remains in the dark ages, then introducing some technology or digital influences will help you to speed up and improve a variety of processes. Remember, that any output from your Human Resources department will ultimately affect the rest of the business, so making this change will have your organization’s future at heart. If you feel that your current employee organizational charts or clunky, or you worry that manually logging key processes takes time and effort, then digitalization will lead the way if you are looking to streamline these tasks. When it comes to digitalization, your HR department could even lead the way, far more than your Corporate Communications or Marketing representatives could. While these departments conventionally focus on improving external communications, adopting a new digital approach could help to position your department as the key internal communications ambassador for the entire business. It is a change that is sure to shake up any outdated HR strategy plans.

Simplify processes

Going digital will also mean improved speed and response times for your internal and external facing Human Resources processes. Consider for a moment how quickly the world of recruitment is changing. Now, potential candidates can even apply for job offers on social media channels such as LinkedIn, or even from their smartphones. Plus, with the planned launch of Google jobs, now more than ever is the time to go digital to help simplify complex processes such as recruitment and headhunting. The same applies to using technology to help improve and optimize internal Human Resources processes that are crucial to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly and remains efficient. If you are a small business owner, then using online tools to help you to outsource and digitalize time-consuming processes will help you to free up precious time for other areas of your company that require more attention. Services such as cheap payroll for small business will take the stress out of managing and monitoring your company payroll. While some organizations may view technology or software as a way to take shortcuts, or fear that it could create issues across the business, the reality is rather different. In fact, companies should embrace online tools and resources as they free up business time, enabling you to focus on other key areas to ensure that you continue to grow and remain in a key market position. So, if your firm continues to buck the digital trend, then it could be time to get with the times. In fact, if your HR processes don’t go digital, it is you that will ultimately risk getting left behind.

Improve employee engagement

From Yammer to instant messenger, most larger organizations, and the smaller ones too use internal communications tools to keep everyone connected across the business. Gone are the days of sending impersonal and lengthy emails, if you want to improve employee engagement then it is time to start exploring which digital internal communications tools will work for you. Although your Communications department might manage these, the reality is that a well-connected and engaged workforce will perform better, give you the results that you need, and also provide positive feedback when it comes to annual review time. Not to mention, that digital tools can help you to share documents and information that may be needed while on the go, or traveling. As firms continue to look to Cloud storage or sites such as Watchdox or Dropbox to improve the way that files and confidential information are shared, then employee satisfaction and engagement will also continue to rise. Nobody likes it when they are unable to send a report because email is down. Therefore, it is vital that you look to these digital tools if you want to see your engagement levels soar.

If your company continues to try to reject going digital and feels that its Human Resources department won’t benefit, then it is up to you to pioneer change. The reality is that the way we conduct business is changing, and there are a variety of tools and online resources available that can help you to speed up the very nature of how you do business. Going digital will help you to update and improve your current HR strategy, helping to streamline key tasks. While the very nature of how you communicate with colleagues and recruit new talent, is also becoming digitalized – so it is important that you acknowledge and accept this trend. Finally, if your employee engagement is suffering, then using internal communications tools will benefit your HR department, as a well-connected employee is much more likely to perform quicker and more efficiently in the workplace.

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