Top Tips for Driving Online Conversions from Offline Ads

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Top Tips for Driving Online Conversions from Offline Ads

A steady stream of conversions is crucial for maintaining a presence on the online market. Optimizing the conversion rate of your e-commerce website is achieved by implementing one of the myriad available digital marketing strategies in use today. Or at least that is the impression you get after reading a couple of articles online on the topic.

What is less often talked about is the use of traditional advertising for CRO purposes. It seems that at some point, digital marketers have convinced the world that online marketing is the be-all, end-all of marketing, to the detriment of everyone involved in e-commerce. This attitude is harmful because it inflates the importance of digital marketing to unprecedented levels, while severely downplaying the effectiveness of traditional advertising.

The reality is, traditional advertising still remains a highly effective means of driving sales and raising brand awareness. Not only that, offline marketing strategies can actually contribute towards your digital marketing goals. If you still need some convincing, why not take a look at our list of tips on how to leverage “real” advertising methods for boosting online conversion rates?

Advertise on Billboards

One of the main disadvantages of online advertising is the problem of saturation. When consumers browse online, they tend to have multiple tabs open in their browsers, thus exposing themselves to advertising from multiple channels at the same time. With so many ads being sent their way, consumers will start to ignore them en masse, thus making them effectively useless.

Traditional advertising is less likely to cause problems such as these by default. Physical advertisements can usually be placed only on predefined locations, which has the effect of both making them more noticeable, as well as lowering the odds of consumers getting overwhelmed.

So if you want your ad to get noticed, try putting it on a billboard at a prominent location. Billboards give you a lot of space to work with, so you can easily include all the material you need to ensure a successful conversion, including links to your website, service and product descriptions, promotional deals, etc.

Put QR Codes on Business Cards

Another way to make advertising more palatable, and therefore more effective, is by giving the consumer the ability to organize their advertising experience. Online, we have little control over how we encounter ads – they are embedded at all sorts of locations within a web-page, they can pop-up at widely different intervals, and we usually have to jump through hoops to move them where we want.

Contrast this with how a business card works. Its purpose is ostensibly the same as any other advertisement – give the consumer some info about your brand and services, in hopes of converting them to a customer down the line. However, unlike an online ad, you get to freely choose what you do with a business card once it is in your possession. You can carry it around in your wallet, put it on the card rack, hand it over to someone else, write some additional info on the back, etc.

This freedom of interaction is what makes business cards an effective means of advertising to this day. And all it takes to update them into a means of driving online conversions is adding relevant info about your digital operation. Putting a scannable QR code that points to your landing page URL on it is just about the easiest way to bump your conversion numbers through offline means.

Use a Spokesman to Advertise in Real Life

For some people, it is not the content of the advertisement that matters, but the person that is giving the pitch. After reading your fair-share of generic advertising copies online, you will start to see why this is the case. Simply put, an advertising copy, no matter how well it is written, simply doesn’t have the evocative power that a person talking has.

This is one of the reasons why traditional advertising still remains effective. It is because it makes ample use of live speakers for delivering advertising content, thus converting individuals who would otherwise be unresponsive even to your best digital marketing efforts.

To utilize the power of the spoken word for driving online conversions, your best bet is to organize an event with a live speaker. For maximum effectiveness, search among your existing consumer-base for brand advocates with a social media following. Then invite these individuals to speak on your behalf at a trade-show or a business event, making sure they mention your online operation.

Give Out Branded Merchandise

Sometimes even your best advertising material will not be enough to convince someone to start interacting with your brand. In situations such as these, you have to provide something of value up-front to catch the consumers’ attention. In this respect, traditional advertising has a distinct advantage over its digital counterpart – there is simply more kinds of stuff you can give out than what’s available digitally, and this will do wonders to boost your brand.

If you are running a business with a tight marketing budget, handing out coupons that can only be redeemed online is a good idea. It will give prospective customers something of value, while funneling them towards your website.

Another option would be to provide various sorts of branded merchandise. Stickers, office supplies, key-chains, etc. have just enough room on them to print the name of your company, your logo, and your URL, which is basically all you need. Never underestimate the power of branded doodads for getting consumers on your side.


There is little doubt that online advertising is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. This does not mean however that it is perfect. Many consumers can still only be reached through traditional means, even if you are running a digital-only business. It is therefore best to use a two-pronged marketing approach, one that combines both offline and online methods of advertising for maximum effectiveness.

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