Top Steps To Becoming A Taxi Driver

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Top Steps To Becoming A Taxi Driver

Becoming a taxi driver can be a very prosperous career – not to mention the number of locations that you can see and the people that you can meet. The perfect job for an extrovert, it’s an exciting path to take for many. However, there are a lot of stages that you need to go through before you can become a taxi driver – no matter where you are located in the world.

Of course, the particular licenses and experience that you need will depend on your location. So it’s important that you research thoroughly before applying for a job as a taxi driver in your local area.

There are so many successful taxi companies around the world, who are frequently hiring – so if you do your research and follow these key steps, you might be on the path to becoming a taxi driver.


  • Decide On What Type of Taxi You Want To Drive


Think about the type of taxi that you want to drive. Do you want to work for a company in which taxis can be hailed by passengers? Or a company that has taxis that are booked by customers in advance (called Private Hire Vehicles).


  • Have You Got The Right Qualifications?


Although taxi drivers don’t need any qualifications as such, there are basic requirements needed in order to work within a taxi company. These can include:

  • A high school diploma
  • A full driver’s license
  • Basic math and English skills
  • The ability to read a map/sat nav
  • Excellent communication skills

Throughout the role, you will receive on the job training that will include driver safety workshops – these typically last around two weeks. You will also be tested on how you operate the taximeters, how you complete paperwork, how you perform your role around customers and your geographical knowledge.  Some cab companies might also require you to have special training in transporting customers that have accessibility needs.


  • License Requirements


Alongside a full driving license, some areas will also require you to have a chauffeur’s license.

You might also need to provide the company with a medical check (which includes an eyesight test) and a background check. It’s important to remember that the specific license that you need will differ by location and the company that you work for.


  • Make Sure You Know The Area Well 


In order to impress the prospective taxi company, it’s a good idea to brush up on your geography skills. Spend some time and drive around your local area – taking the common routes of the cab company.


  • Get Taxi Insurance 


When you are offered a job at a taxi company, they might require you to get insurance. This private hire taxi insurance or another type of insurance is essential in protecting yourself and your customers whilst on the road. When looking at taxi insurance, make sure that you look at a variety of options – paying attention to not only the price but also what’s included.

You want public liability insurance, for example, so that you are protected from any claims made by a member of the public. Giving you the peace of mind that you need, it will be invaluable in the long term. Don’t skimp on insurance just because it’s cheap, ensure that it has all of the right additions to minimize your outgoings.


  • Look At What Permits You Need


In certain areas, you might require a taxi medallion. A transferable permit, it is an essential for taxi drivers. Without it, you won’t be able to operate as a driver.

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