Three ways to guarantee success for your startup

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Three ways to guarantee success for your startup

While going out on your own as an entrepreneur can be a rewarding and incredibly satisfying business decision, this doesn’t always mean that success will be guaranteed. Long working hours, a concrete business plan and eating your fair share of humble pie are all common occurrences when you are a fledgling business. Think of yourself as a little business fish in the bigger, wider pond, trying to swim with the current and avoid those larger predators, which will either poach your potential leads, or quite literally swallow you whole! That said, taking the plunge and setting up your startup takes guts, determination and a passion for following your dreams. You need to be ambitious, determined and understand the world of business. Before opening a business, read about business plans, finance and how your industry works.

Obviously, the hard work is going to be down to you and your newly appointed colleagues to ensure that your business baby gets off the ground; that said, there are a few hacks and tricks that you can use to guarantee you are successful and gaining the results you require. Work with people, take on a mentor, and learn from the best. To be successful, you have to be mindful of yourself, others, and the world we live in. Do not dive in head first; instead, learn to swim first. Continue reading on how to build a successful startup.

Get your branding on point

Every budding entrepreneur knows that having a solid, effective brand architecture is essential for successfully positioning your new venture in the marketplace. Consumers are ultimately very shallow – they want to buy into a feeling or emotion, that your brand and logo sells or offers. First and foremost you will need to decide on the right logo to suit you and your product offering. Even if you are running a small coffee store, or perhaps you offer a dog walking service, failure to use a logo that gets you noticed or provides your consumers something to identify with, will guarantee failure at the first crucial hurdle. You could look to use an online logo maker to experiment with colors, designs and styles before committing to the finished product. Adapt the design until you’re satisfied with the overall outcome.

Next, once you have decided on that all-important logo, be sure to use it sparingly and accurately across all of your company literature and digital channels. Social media is key for fledgling startups, so don’t be hasty and shout your presence to the world without ensuring that your branding is consistent and on point. You can easily find the correct specifications for using photos, images and logos on your digital channels on the internet. Therefore, don’t commit social suicide, get savvy and be sure that your branding rocks from day one.

Don’t lose sight of your dreams

Just as Martin Luther King’s famous speech reminds us, we all indeed have dreams. Why not write a list of your dreams desires and targets for your startup and keep it right by your workspace? No matter what the company is that you are building or creating from scratch, keep the challenges and risks in mind and in sight – and be sure that these are going to be worth the stress and struggle to get your startup running successfully. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so do exercise patience and tact. Keep the passion that drove your idea in the first place burning on, and it will mean you continually retain your drive and motivation to succeed when in the office.

Remember that accepting challenges, and even being prepared to take them on, will be a regular part of your day-to-day when you first establish yourself as an entrepreneur. From problems with your bank loan or supplier, to recruiting new employees or developing a watertight marketing strategy all take time. Challenges, and how you deal with them, are an important part of the life lessons you will learn as a small business owner. It can be hard to deal with criticism at the best of times, but you will have to develop a thick skin and a good eye for potential problems when leading your startup to success. Be sure to learn from any past mistakes and try and focus on the here and now, rather than feeling swamped or overwhelmed by long-term business and career goals. You’ve made it this far, and that’s the most important thing – good things come to those who wait, and in your case, the best is yet to come.

Aim for the skies

If you are going to be a successful startup owner and pioneering leader for your business, then you can’t aim small. Think big, seriously big, to make sure that you achieve those goals and are ultimately successful in all that you do. Do listen to your colleagues when on this upward journey. You are sure to have surrounded yourself with the best people in your business environment, so be prepared to ask for help and discuss any issues with your teams before they manifest themselves as more serious problems. Don’t be an ostrich either. When it comes to any concern or factor in the workplace that just feels out of sorts then do be prepared to tackle these head on – you will not only gain valuable experience from this, but will also gain the respect of your colleagues and workforce in the process. When running a startup, remember that success isn’t guaranteed overnight. Everyone from Richard Branson to Bill Gates has put in long hours and blood, sweat and tears to be sure to reach their sky-high goals.

While these three factors don’t present themselves as a concrete toolkit that can be picked up and used as and when, retaining the ambition and drive to follow your startup through to the end can be tough for any budding entrepreneur. However, keeping your aims in mind and motivating your colleagues is essential for any startup, no matter how big or small your business is. So pack your business bags and get ready – you’re heading for the big time.

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