Three Ways to Save Money on Equipment for Your New Start-Up Business

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Three Ways to Save Money on Equipment for Your New Start-Up Business

Going into a new business venture can be a very exciting time, but also one where it feels like every cent counts. Whether you are self-funded, crowd funded or have gone to lots of effort to secure money from investors, you want to ensure that all of the money you have available is used in the best way that will help your venture become profitable as soon as possible.

This means you don’t want any waste, and one area where things can quickly get out of control in terms of spending without offering any real return is office equipment, and other overheads you need to be able to do your job.

Here are three easy ways you can save money while getting your office set up to become a great business.

Ask for Donated Equipment on Social Media

One good way to get equipment like computers and office furniture is to ask other businesses in your area if they have anything they no longer need and are willing to donate to you.

Many businesses replace their IT equipment every two years, and don’t really know what to do with the old stuff. Often, they are happy if someone wants to take it off their hands and are also keen to support and engage with new businesses. Asking on social media for help can be a great way to find people who want to donate old equipment, and can also be a good way to network!

Buy Second-Hand Goods

If you can’t find anybody willing to give you what you need for free, another way to save money on kitting out your start-up is to shop second-hand. While you may not want to buy larger items like office furniture on eBay, using more locally focused things like Facebook groups for sales in your city or Craigslist can help you find some real bargains you can collect yourself delivered by the seller.

A good site to know about if you want to do this is, which allows you to search all of Craigslist and filter by items and areas.

Check Out Free Software

Another way that you can save money is on the software you need to run your business. A lot of people think it is essential for everyone in their company to at the very least have a license for MS Office, however there are actually alternatives you can use for free.

If you only need basic office suite functionality, then the Google Docs suite is an option, however if you need deeper spreadsheet, document and presentation capabilities, open source options like Libre Office can meet your needs for free. There are also all manner of free business apps and software services more specific to businesses, and it is well worth investigating these.

With the right planning, you can save a huge amount on the things you need for your start up and be able to plunge more of that vital capital into making your company a success!

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