Think Your Startup Can Get by Without a Website? Think Again!

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Think Your Startup Can Get by Without a Website? Think Again!

Few startups have unlimited resources, and so the owner or director often looks at ways to cut back on costs. You might not think that a website is that important in the very beginning, after all, no one really knows who you are yet. However, that is, in fact, the main reason why you really need one! If you think your startup can get by without a professionally designed, well-crafted website, think again. Hopefully this information will help you see exactly why startups need websites even more than some well-established businesses.

How People Find New Products and Services

Can you remember the last time you needed a plumber or a roofer but didn’t know which ones had the services you needed because you had never had a reason to hire one before? What did you do? If you are like 99.999% of the rest of the world, you did a quick Google search. Based on your location, if you have that feature enabled, Google will come back with several businesses in your area. But you don’t need a website for that, do you? Google lists your company name, phone number and location, right? Yes, you are right there, but that isn’t enough to prompt the average searcher to pick up the phone and call you.

Startup Website

A Closer Look at Who You Are and What You Do

If you were a well-established business in your community, chances are good that someone looking at search results with your company name might remember advertising you did somewhere along the line. But, as a newly established business, they most likely never heard your name. This is where your website comes into play. That searcher will click the ‘Website’ link on Google, if you’ve contracted Google local, and immediately visit your website. Here is where they will search around to see what it is you have to offer, perhaps check out prices if you’ve listed them, and if they like what they see, they’ll give you a call. This leads to another facet of having a website for a startup.

A Website You Can Frequently Update

If you choose to list prices, you will surely want a website that is user-friendly on the admin side. It could cost more than you can afford as a startup to constantly update products, prices and even blogs or other information. As the easiest to work with content management system, CMS, WordPress would give you a website that is easy to work with that even the most novice of admins can utilize. A WordPress website design can be amazingly attractive and functional, but easy to access, giving you complete control. Most startups that are not IT savvy can work well with a WordPress website, only needing to employ professionals on a limited basis at first as their coffers grow.

So, here you see why it is imperative that startups have a well-designed website. Not only does it help to tell searchers who you are and what you do, but it allows you to keep information flowing as more becomes available. Think you can get by without a website? You had better think again if you are looking to establish and grow your business. That’s a fact!

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