The Power of the Brand

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The Power of the Brand

In today’s ultra competitive business environment, branding really does make all the difference. Whatever kind of business you run, making sure the brand is spot on can win you customers ahead of your competitors. So much more than just a logo, your brand will come to represent everything your company stands for; its values, aspirations and how you are perceived in the wider marketplace. Yet despite this, many businesses still neglect their brand and see it as an afterthought that doesn’t hold a great deal of value.

If you still doubt the power of the brand, here are a few reasons you should change your mind.

Branding Promotes Recognition

Probably the most obvious point but one that is still important nevertheless: if you have a strong brand, people will find it easier to recognise your business. As well as your logo, people will begin to associate your colour scheme with the company as well. Recognition promotes trust. People naturally feel comfortable around the people they trust and the same goes for brands. This is what makes them buy your product or service ahead of your competitors. Your brand also differentiates you from your rivals. You are now competing on the world stage, so it is vital that you find any way you can to get customers to come to you.

Your Brand Tells People About Your Business

The specific logo, colour scheme and font that you decide to use can communicate so much to potential customers. That is the reason branding agencies like Cefar specialise in getting each of these elements right for businesses. People associate different emotions with different colours, so they can make a snap judgement about your brand having seen no more than the logo. If they decide to delve deeper, the type of language that you use to describe your company also has a major impact in how it is perceived. Is the language more light-hearted or professional? It all adds up to give an overall picture of your business.

Strong Brands Generate Referrals


People love to tell others about products or services that they should try out. If your business has a strong brand, it is much more likely to stick in people’s minds and they will probably talk about it to their friends. On the flip side, if it is totally forgettable, you will be much less likely to generate new business through word of mouth. Remember, branding tends to influence every part of a person’s life, from what they eat and drink to the clothes they wear and the places they visit on the weekend.

Providing Business Value

Cast your mind across to some of the most recognisable brands in the world; Coca-Cola, Apple, Google and Nike, for example. Just hearing one of these words, your mind instantly conjures up a series of images and you instantly make associations. These businesses have spent years building up their brands and the value they now naturally get from this widespread recognition is immeasurable. Coke is the second most recognised world on the entire planet after OK! Invest in your brand early on and the rewards are likely to come in the long run.

Emotional Connection with Customers

Strong brands go far beyond just being recognised and trusted by consumers. They even generate an emotional response in their customers, so people actually feel good when they buy from them. Think of the excitement that is created every time Apple launch a new product. If you can cause people to feel an emotional response when they come to your company, you will probably be on the fast track to success.

Branding Inspires Employees


When employees work for a particular company or brand, they need to feel inspired and motivated. If they share the same values and aspirations as the business, they are much more likely to be satisfied in their job and focus their aims towards achieving the goals of the company. A strong brand pretty much acts like a company flag that employees can rally around.

Setting Expectations

Once a brand has been built up, people will have a certain set of expectations that they expect to be met. When they go to the supermarket, they choose certain brands ahead of their competitors because of their belief in taste and quality. When people go into a chain coffee shop or fast food restaurant, there is a sense of security in knowing exactly what is on the menu. Once these expectations have been set, the top brands work hard to ensure that they live up to the standard that people have come to expect from them.



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