The Marketing Medley

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The Marketing Medley

Owning a business has never been easy. There are dozens of competitors out there, all waiting for you to slip up. What businesses sometimes fail to understand is that if people don’t know they exist then they won’t be able to purchase from them. This is even more true when it comes to startup businesses. You need to ensure that people who could potentially purchase from you know you are in existence. Even if they do know you are in existence, you need to give them a reason to purchase from you. Do you offer more services or products, are you better value, do you offer higher quality? You need to get under the noses of those who could or would buy from you and scream about how good you are. Marketing is a complex beast that takes a while to get right and get into. Yet it is possible to exploit it for your own means. Even the most recognisable companies in the country still use marketing as often as they possibly can. Here are some tips for you to get your marketing campaign off the ground. You may have given thought to some of them, but try the ones you haven’t and see if they work. That’s the only way to succeed, trial and error.

Old Marketing Still Works

In this digital age old school marketing is sometimes forgotten, but it is still hugely successful, especially if you are a physical business in a saturated area. In this case using older marketing techniques can be a great way to promote your business. Mailing is a good bet, and using direct mail services can see you use some premium quality postage materials that really catches the eye. Don’t be afraid to go knocking on people’s doors telling them about how great your business is and what you can do for them. Don’t be a pest, move on if they don’t want to know. Think about physical marketing in the form of billboards and posters. This really makes a great impact and immediately gives your brand recognisability.


Get Out Into The City

Go where there are lots of people, think city centre, and start handing out leaflets. Ensure this is done by your most engaging speakers so they can pull people in and talk to them about what you offer. If you are a food based business then hand out samples. It could pull people into your business and force their hand or change their mind if they had planned for something else. Make sure these people are recognisable, deck them in your branding. You can make a real hit by doing this, interacting with the local customer base will be rewarding in the extreme. It all depends on what kind of business you offer, so pick somewhere suitable and go with it.

Social Media

This is an obvious place to go and pursue marketing streams. In this day and age millions of people use social media each day. So whether you are using, Facebook, Twitter or another platform line Linkedin you can make a huge impact here. You can either pursue paid advertising streams or just build up your own visibility by creating a business page and interacting with the community. Consider posting up to date and relevant content and pepper it with links back to your own product pages on your website. Avoid clickbait, people hate it and it will besmirch your reputation as a result. You should aim to post a few good quality articles per week. Consider freelancers if you don’t have the time or you don’t have the skill to do this yourself. Remember, these posts can be used across your whole social media platform and don’t just need to be posted on one site.

Marketing Video

More and more companies are using marketing videos. They can be placed and embedded into multiple sites which can showcase what you offer. Remember, videos are easier to watch than articles are to read. Look at the major brands and how they incorporate their products into videos. They do it in a way that is seamless beyond imagination. Copy what they do right and implement it. You’ll likely need help in your marketing video, so recruit people who can ensure it goes down really well. Place it on sites where your target audience will see it and make sure it includes a link back to your site or product page for the best chances or increasing your sales.

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