Is Temporary Business Space Worth the Outlay?

beggers January 27, 2015 0
Is Temporary Business Space Worth the Outlay?

If you’re anticipating a busy period of business, whether you’ve already started planning for the next Christmas rush, or your company is inundated with customers during the summer months, then you’re probably wondering how best to deal with it, and also how you can capitalise on it. Having additional space is one of the ways in which you can do both of these things, but of course, you don’t want to be paying all year round for space you don’t always need. The question then, is whether a temporary solution might be the answer.

Cost is probably the first thing to think about. Clearly, if you’re not sure that you can even afford the additional space, then it’s generally not worth taking the risk. Now, cost will vary hugely depending on what sort of extra room you need, and only through research will you be able to find out. If you’re in an office block, you may be able to rent adjacent floor space, if you’re a retailer you may be able to expand into another shop nearby, and if you’ve got the room, then you might be able to have a temporary building erected outside, such as the kind of thing offered by Neptunus.

Next up are the benefits.

More Footfall

Exceptionally crowded shopping spaces are no fun for the customer or the employer, and indeed a shopper looking to buy something from your shop could well be put off by a very busy store. By giving yourself more space, you can accommodate more people. More footfall means more business, and plenty of room means happier customers. It really does make sense.

More Storage

There’s also the matter of storage. Customers hate it when a retailer suns out of a popular product during a busy period, and this is often down to limitations in storage and deliveries. Your additional space could purely be used to make sure that you’ve got everything you need in stock. When all of the other local shops run out of that hot product, you’ll be the one laughing.

More Staff

If you’re not a physical retailer, then your extra space needs might be in the form of more desks to handle calls or process orders. Rather than trying to squeeze more people into your office, opening up some more room will keep your current, permanent employees happy, and will show your temporary ones that you want them to have the space they need to get their work done; they’re not just an afterthought.

Consider the space you might need, the cost of bringing in some temporary space, and the benefits of having it, and you’ll soon be able to work out if you could capitalise on the next big business rush.

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