Why Technology Isn’t the Magic Solution to Your Failing Business

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Why Technology Isn’t the Magic Solution to Your Failing Business

For many years, people have had this belief that technology can cure all of their business’s worries. Whether it’s a lack of exposure, inefficient systems or troublesome employees, many amateur entrepreneurs relied on technology to solve their problems—and with good reason. Let’s face it, technology can go a long way to improving the efficiency of your business, but it can be misused and underutilised if you don’t properly plan your business around it.

Computers and software are virtually useless to your company if your staff can’t use them to their full potential.


Never Underestimate What It Takes to Use Technology Efficiently

So all of your entrepreneur friends have been raving about how their websites have contributed to their success, or maybe you’ve been following the journal of a successful business owner that used social media to their advantage, creating countless business opportunities and exposing their brand for next to nothing.

Great! So you’ve decided to follow in their footsteps so that you can hopefully achieve similar results. Sadly, this isn’t how it works. Let’s say you’ve got a website up and running without much experience and you’re pleased with the results. It looks great, has all the information you need and so you make it go live. Unfortunately, you’ve just realised that it’s not even showing up on Google, but why is that?

It’s most likely because your site hasn’t been indexed yet due to poor planning, lack of visibility and no SEO optimisation. Companies like Sticky Digital are essential if you want to build a digital presence using your website because there are more components involved than you could even begin to imagine. You need to make your website attractive to search engines in order to appear, and you need plenty of different pages and links in order to stand out.

If you don’t focus on SEO and visibility, then the money you pour into creating a website will just eat away at your budget and be a complete waste of money.

Online learning can drastically improve a member of staff’s skill set and performance.


The Problem With Technology and Teaching

Technology is great. It empowers our staff with options that allow them to do things in efficient ways. It could be managing employee performance or even analysing statistics for your business. Whatever it is, technology helps to streamline those tasks and makes them far easier to manage than ever before.

Unfortunately, if your staff don’t actually understand how to use the tools you’ve given them, then it’s virtually useless and potentially detrimental. You need to teach your staff how to use the tools you’ve given them or else they are a complete waste of money. You can utilise online learning to teach your staff new skills, but this can be a costly investment.

If you’re going to introduce new technology into your business, then you need to also account for the learning investment required by your staff. If something isn’t broken or inefficient, then there’s no need to invest in it or change what works.

Hopefully, this article has given you a reality check on what it means to include or upgrade business technology. It’s not a magic bullet for your problems and it can be detrimental if used incorrectly.


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