Technology Is Changing The Way We Protect Our Families. Find Out How.

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Technology Is Changing The Way We Protect Our Families. Find Out How.

Technology is becoming more advanced and futuristic as the days pass. With even world leaders having to divert their time in thinking of new ways to protect their counties from technologically advanced threats. However, security advancements can also be seen in the home, in this article we explore some of the newer ways we can keep our homes secure.

Smart Door Locks

Most certainly one of the best new products in home security technology is the creation of the smart lock. The locks can detect if you’re nearby automatically using Bluetooth in your smartphone or key fob and unlock the door for you. The best digital door locks can connect to your other home systems and inform other devices such as a thermostat that you are out of the house and so will enter into energy-saving mode. While Bluetooth locks are more secure, they have less features than Wi-Fi locks, which have more functionality, such as the ability to see if the door is locked in real-time. Yet the connection to the internet makes Wi-Fi slightly more vulnerable to outside hackers. In any case, these locks stop all risk of lock picking and tampering and can stop a thief in their tracks.

Newer Alarm Technology

Alarm technology has reached new limits, with varying abilities including remote home monitoring software, allowing you to observe a video feed direct to your smartphone either if you’re just checking up on the house, or if you’ve been sent an alert telling you something has tripped a motion sensor. There are many alarms available, but each should be carefully reviewed and priced up before purchase, honeywell security reviews are a great place to start. You can even get alarms that integrate your home heating systems, allowing you to literally control your phone’s alarm and energy from your phone, giving you complete peace of mind. The motion detectors can also alleviate any night time worries, if someone has somehow gotten in, they’ll trip, alerting you and the police to their presence.


Smart Garage systems

Controlling your garage entrance is easier than ever now we have systems that allow smartphone integration. They work by joining and plugging in a network adapter into your home router, and then registering the unit with a smart garage provider. You can ten use the app to control the garage door with your iOS or Android device, on tablet or smartphone, allowing people to get in and out of the garage when you are not at home. This is especially useful if you run or operate a buying and selling business. This means you don’t have to hide the key under a rock anymore, a risky move known by even the worst of thieves. The system will also let you know when the garage door is open, so if it opens without you knowing you know something is up, and they come with motion sensors to protect young children and pets who might be entering or leaving the garage as the door is closed, the garage door will simply stop, avoiding all injury.


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