Tech Start-Ups Scaling Rapidly With Salesforce

beggers July 8, 2019 0
Tech Start-Ups Scaling Rapidly With Salesforce

There are many tech start-ups in the UK, but very few expand and take their business to the next level. It seems to be a problem that plagues the tech industry in Europe as a whole. It was highlighted at the recent Digital-Life-Design conference in Munich. A US media professor stated, while listening to the EU competition commissioner, that it was typical of European businesses to discuss technology as a worry instead of an opportunity. In fact, a lot of tech start-ups in the UK are looking stateside in order to grow their business, as there is a big appetite for technology there and a larger market.

But, there is one solution that is giving tech start-ups the platform to scale at a rapid pace, and this is Salesforce. More and more tech start-ups are turning to this solution. Rather than being a standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Salesforce describes itself as a Customer Success Platform, which incorporates Salesforce financial services too. It is an integrated platform that allows company owners to collate all customer data in one place, giving them everything they need to manage their business better and make improved decisions. This covers all areas, from marketing, to sales, to customer service.

This is something that all start-ups need if they are to grow quickly. If they do not have access to sales performance, how can they make changes to improve? Salesforce also makes upgrades to their platform, adding new features three times a year. This ensures you are always one step ahead of the game.

One of the great things about Salesforce is that it is scalable; it grows as your company grows, which is what makes it perfect for start-ups. It is also designed to ensure that you find the right tools so that you can create sustainable growth by scaling efficiently. You can generate a consumer base by practicing efficient marketing and sales with tools that help you close deals faster, locate opportunities for growth, execute on strategy, and measure success. Moreover, Salesforce can actually provide you with customers themselves, as they have a distribution channel with more than 150,000 enterprise customers. This is significant when you consider that the main reason for start-up failure is that companies do not have enough customers. This is what 42 per cent of start-up owners stated as their reason for closing down.

Salesforce is proven to increase revenue by an average of 20 per cent in just over one year while also offering an average return on investment of 50 per cent. Start-ups also don’t need to worry as much about data security, which is a main concern for tech businesses nowadays. Salesforce has a multi-layered security system in place, including authentication, network security controls, back-ups, and more.

All in all, when you look at the statistics, it is not hard to see why Salesforce is thriving. Small businesses have experienced the following: 27 per cent more sales, 44 per cent improved forecast accuracy, 32 per cent increased sales productivity, and 32 per cent improved lead conversion. Need we say any more?


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