Taking Care of Your Employees’ Wellbeing in the Office

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Taking Care of Your Employees’ Wellbeing in the Office

Every smart business owner knows that the true power of the business is in the workers. Therefore, the best way to improve your business is to improve your people’s working conditions.

Working conditions play a major role in your workers’ level of productivity, motivation, even health and wellness so this issue has to be taken seriously. You don’t want your workforce to be unproductive or even worse – leave, so here are some strategies you should have in mind when developing your business.


One of the issues mentioned most often in various types of business is noise pollution. All those ringing phones, people talking and/or moving around, background hum, all of these factors significantly affect workers’ productivity and motivation.

Some studies have shown that once employees have some control over the noise surrounding them, they report getting less distracted by it. There are lots of ways you can address noise in your workplace; with furniture, smart interior design, right balance between open and closed areas, enough private space, desk orientation. You just have to find what can suit the needs of your workspace the best.


Color is perceived differently throughout various cultures and by different people, but some things about colors can be generally applied. For example bright colors provide better accuracy and focus, blue enhances focus and creative thinking while red provides feelings of strength and energy. Orange can help raise levels of self-esteem, and yellow is great for decision making.

Best ways to incorporate these standards is to use color smartly. Use it to emphasize certain aspects of the workspace areas. Aim to reflect and elevate levels of natural light. Try to identify the proper circulation but take care not to make the space look childish.

Air circulation

A very important thing to keep in mind when having a lot of people in a same space is proper air circulation and ventilation. Studies have shown that alarmingly large number of businesses have outdated air conditioning and ventilation systems which can increase the risk of serious diseases.

Addressing these issues can consist of small steps like placing a number of house plants around the office, or it can be a more serious action like investing in a professional air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Look for energy efficient equipment and get proper carpets, furniture and work equipment. Knowing the high levels of respiratory issues you must consider air circulation in your workspace seriously.

Windows and lighting

Various studies have shown that workers that have a view to the outside, have significantly higher levels of productiveness. Good lighting in workplaces also raises work rates and most of the serious businesses try to organize their spaces in such a way so they can bring out the most out of them.

Exposure to daylight enhances your workers’ motivation, but in certain conditions, too much light can have a completely reverse effect. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to regulate the daylight. From office orientation and interior design all the way to online blinds search. You can find various types of blinds online, shutters, sunscreens, and various elements that will complement your working space, help let enough of the “outside” in, and keep your workforce satisfied and motivated.

Work environment dynamics

Average workers spend the most of their day sitting. Some of them sit even longer than they sleep, which can cause some serious health and wellness issues. Various problems from back pain and muscle trouble, all the way to blood pressure and blood sugar levels are very common in mostly-sitting work areas. Best way to try and address these problems is by adapting your workplace dynamics.

Consider encouraging your workers to be less stationary with adjustable furniture, standing desks or stools. Create enough space so they can move freely, and, if possible, try to make a break-area where they would go to rest from their tasks. Modern businesses go so far to incorporate swimming pools and gyms for their employees, but most of all, it is important to give them the opportunity to stand up and move around freely. Make sure you adapt your workplace dynamics to your workers so you can utilize them properly.

Taking Care of Your Employees


A happy employee is worth double their value. You should always try to keep your employees satisfied, and to maximize their productivity, you should aim to involve your workers and engage them in your company’s goals and ideas.

Engaged employees have shown higher levels of loyalty and productivity, as well as the overall satisfaction with their job than those workers that have been in a less engaging work environments. Proper floor organization with “chill zones”, and small social and collaborative hubs around workspace, branding, recognition, transparency, these are all just simple tools you can apply to your business in order to elevate the productivity and raise the profits.

Wrap up

These strategies can help you develop your business properly, and they should help you learn about your workplace and its interaction with your workers. Addressing the right issues in the proper manner and involving your employees in your ideas can make you achieve desired business harmony, as their wellbeing helps your business goals.

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