Are You Sure Your Hiring Process Is Getting You The Best People It Can?

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Are You Sure Your Hiring Process Is Getting You The Best People It Can?

A business that makes the wrong choices in terms of its staff is a business that will be suffering for weeks, months or even years to come. Sometimes, it’s not all that easy to get rid of a problem employee. Especially when you think of the costs that come with starting the hiring and training process over again. So you need to make sure you get people worth retaining in the first place. You need your hiring process to be better than ever.


Ask the right questions

To make sure that you’re not letting the wrong people in, you need to be abundantly clear in what you need. Job descriptions need to be thorough, not just on the demands but the perks of the job. As well as the skills involved, you need to be able to identify the values and attitudes of the people applying. In the interview, don’t just ask about experience. Ask if they have any questions or what they can bring to the table. These are the answers that will reflect how thoroughly they’ve thought about their potential role. Ask not just about their strengths but their weaknesses, too. You want to hear answers that show honest reflection, not just the urge to say whatever will appeal to you.

Do your homework

You shouldn’t be entirely relying on all that the candidate writes and says, either. Sometimes, you need to take a deeper look to see how their past experiences reflect on them. Calling up their references is a must. Hopefully, you can get a reference that will give you an honest reflection on their attitude to work. But you need to be wary of references they seem to have too good a relationship with. Biased references don’t help you make your decision. You can look into records that will help you make a better decision, too. Some employers look into credit scores to see the kind of responsibility a candidate takes in their outside life. You also definitely want to know if they have a criminal record. Consider getting Disclosure & Barring Service checks. It doesn’t always have to discount them, but it’s important to be in the know.

Recognising the warning signs

As well as knowing what you’re looking for, you need to have an idea of what you absolutely want to avoid. One indicator of work ethic can be found by looking at their employment history. Have they been able to sustain a position over a long-term? Or are they seemingly jumping from one role to the next? You don’t want someone who is inconsistent. If they have a spotty employment record, offer them the chance to explain it. If they can’t, you might want to look elsewhere. Even behavioural quirks can be big warning signs. If they’re willing to swear and use vulgarities a lot in a job interview, just think of what they’ll be like with co-workers or customers.

There are no certainties in hiring people. But with the right investigative mindset, you can narrow it down to the best possible candidates. You can spot the exact traits you’re looking for and take heed of the warning signs you might have missed before.

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