Start Taking Your Startup Seriously!

beggers May 10, 2017 0
Start Taking Your Startup Seriously!

Being the owner of a startup can come with many fears, woes, and worries. Not only are putting your all into your work to make sure it succeeds, but you’re also stuck with the panic about making money, growing and keeping your head above the water at all times. But it can often be these fears that kill a startup’s potential. If you doubt yourself and your business or constantly let worries get to you, you could be ruining your chance of it taking off. Instead, you need to start taking yourself and your startup much more seriously.

Stay On Brand

When you’re trying to establish a new business, branding is everything. Nobody knows who you are, so if you’re not shouting about yourself, how is that going to change? You need to be a walking ad for your new business – even if it’s a year or two old. You need to carry business cards at all times and even make your friends and family carry them too. Have a website that is all singing and dancing and keep your social profiles integrated. Depending on your company and industry, this could mean have a sign written vehicle too.


Now that you’re more comfortable when it comes to blowing your own trumpet, it’s time to see that your startup is surpassing its potential. We all know that goals and targets are crucial in business, but they matter so much more when you’re running a startup. You NEED to reach them more than anyone else if your company stands a chance of surviving. But don’t just reach them, surpass them. You need to go from strength to strength if this is going to work out.

Put Down Roots

One of the biggest things about starting a business is committing to it. More often than not, people are too afraid to put their all into a project in case it fails. They don’t want to get too attached. And that is the number one reason why it will inevitably fail. You have to believe in yourself and your business. So step up and lay down some roots. Start to commit and find serviced offices, look into hiring staff and committing to projects, events and campaigns for the future.

Strive Harder

Even though you’re now feeling a bit more confident about your businesses future, don’t let that slow you down. For this to work, you need to strive harder than you ever have. The secret to success is often found in your fight. Never lose it. When you have to make something a success, you work harder, try harder and care more – because you could lose everything if it fails. This attitude will take you places, even when your circumstances change.

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Not everyone will believe in this, but the proof is in the pudding. Never stay in the safe zone. When you make things easier for yourself, you will relax and coast through life. But, when you’re faced with a challenge, fight or flight mode kicks in, and you start to work harder. Aim higher, talk better, be bigger than you are. There’s a lot of truth in the age old saying ‘act like the person you want to be.’ It changes your mindset, your outlook and even your attitude, so focus yours on success.


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