How to Start a Business as a Freelance Beauty Consultant

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How to Start a Business as a Freelance Beauty Consultant

While 99.9% of beauty consultants work for large cosmetic corporations, there are freelance beauty consultants out there who aren’t bound by restrictions to sell or show specific products. For this reason, an increasing number of beauty consultants are striking it out on their own as a freelancer.

Not only can they offer real advice based on the needs of the person sitting in front of them, but they can grow their business into a lucrative venture and perhaps even open a shop where they can offer a wide range of products from any company they choose to work with. If you would like to start your own freelance beauty consulting business, here are some tips to help you get started.

Work from Home or Rent a Shop?

The first thing to consider when starting a freelance beauty consulting business is where you will demonstrate products, do makeovers, and educate your customers on proper techniques based on their skin tone, for example. As outlined on the website, the type and color of makeup worn should be based on skin tone, and that’s something you will need to demonstrate. In other words, you’ll need a setup like you would have in a large department store or beauty shop. Do you have the funding to open a shop? If not, you can always work from home in the beginning while establishing a clientele.

Make Sure to Get the Required Licenses and Insurance

Do you think those large cosmetic firms don’t have ample liability insurance to cover them in the event that a customer suffers some kind of reaction to the makeup they are wearing? As a beauty consultant working with the general public, you will need at least a minimum liability insurance policy to protect you in the event that one of your clients has a reaction to something you’ve demonstrated or applied during your consultation. What if they trip and fall upon entering your home or shop? Make sure you are duly licensed to operate in your state and have all the required insurance to protect yourself against significant losses.

Consider the Possibility of Forming a Corporation

Whether you have liability insurance or not, the one thing you may wish to consider is forming a corporation, even a limited or sole proprietorship. Contact an attorney so that you know which type best suits your needs, but all the while keeping in the back of your head that as a corporation, your personal assets will be protected against loss. This is an important consideration when opening any kind of business in any industry.

Many women would welcome the idea of a beauty consultant who isn’t trying to push a specific company’s products down their throat. Not all companies have what a client needs and by opening a beauty consulting company you can choose to sell whatever products you want. You will be your own boss, your own buyer, your own salesperson, and you can give your clients what they want. That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s time you thought about opening your own consulting business.

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