Sprucing Up Your Home Office For Spring

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Sprucing Up Your Home Office For Spring

Spring is approaching and everywhere to look there are flowers and buds coming back to life. One of the great things about spring is that it almost feels like a chance to start over fresh and enjoy a sense of renewal in your life. During the winter months many of us suffer from seasonal affective disorder which can make our motivation suffer when working from home. As the spring rolls in, we have a chance to start from scratch and get our minds back to feeling productive and enjoying out jobs.

One great way to help this process along is to spruce up your office space. Having a brand new environment to enjoy is one of the great ways to create a fresh mind and allow you to be as productive as you can in your home office.

The basics

If your home office is currently a dingy, small spare room at the back of the house, you will want to start making it feel more like an office to make it feel better and look much more professional. You can start with redoing the floor with cream finish polished concrete for a professional and clean look, and then painting your walls white with one wall in a bright, happy colour like orange or sky blue.


One of the main benefits of the spring is that there is an abundance of stunning flowers which grace out landscapes. This also means that you have the perfect opportunity to add some of this colour into your home office. Instead of your desk being filled with paper and scraps, why not add a vase of bright flowers to bring your spirits up? Flowers are great for the soul and they will make you feel happier almost immediately.


If you have a window in your spare room then this is great, natural light is the best resource you can use and it can make a massive difference to your mood and the way you feel overall. If you can open the window a little a let a soft breeze enter the room during the day then you are onto a winner. If you don’t have a window you need to make sure to choose the brightest white lights you can for the space. This will be the closest you can get to natural light and will allow you to still feel productive throughout the day.

Motivation Station

A fun element you can add into your home office is a section of the room which is full of motivational quotes and photos if family and friends. You can purchase copper wire wall racks online which you can use to hold up quotes,photos and other pieces of art which you find happy and peaceful. This will not only add a nice layer of design to the space, but it will make you feel ready to smash out great work at all times. .


Ditch those littletraus you keep on the desk with your paper in, and switch to some colourful box folders which you can place on a shelf high up on the wall. This will mean that you no longer have your documents strewn all over your workspace, and you can keep everything organised and safe in folders instead. This will make your life so much easier and it will add a lovely splash of colour to the room.

Invest in comfort

When you are building your home office, the single most important thing to consider is being comfortable. You need to be able to sit back and have your back supported throughout the working day, as well as have the leg room you need to stretch out during the day. Make sure you take your time choosing the right desk and the right chair for you so that you can be as comfortable as possible during your working day.

Finishing touches

Every office needs a few personal flourishes to make it as fun and unique as possible. One of the things which no office should ever go without is a mug for your daily cups of tea. Find the prettiest mug you can and situate it on your desk to add a bit of character and colour to your surroundings. And remember that there is nothing stopping you from having a scented candle burning throughout the day as you work. This is your office and should be a place where you can let your personality come out to play, have fun with it and make it your own.

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