Spring Cleaning The Office: Tips And Tricks

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Spring Cleaning The Office: Tips And Tricks

Cleaning your home from top to bottom is always going to be a big challenge, but then when it comes to cleaning your office alongside your coworkers, it’s a whole new story.

An office space is somewhere we spend a lot of our time and many of us make small changes to our workspace to make it feel more like home each and every day. Today we are going to take a look at how you can organise a clean for the whole office to make it feel fresh for the spring and summer seasons.

Be prepared

The best thing you can do before you start cleaning your office is be prepared with all those little items you might need. For example you’ll want to make sure you have ample sponges, wipes, bleach and polish for everyone to use; commercial bin hire for any clutter which needs to be gotten rid of; and a pile ready for waste paper to be shredded later.

Divide into sections

The best way to think about your office is like a house. When you clean your house you will always go room by room and section by section, so you should do the same thing here. For example if you have two main office rooms with your computers and workspaces, you will want to clean one first and then the other for a more efficient job. The kitchen and bathroom will be cleaned in their own way as will any outdoor seating area you have.

Organise Paperwork

Even though in this new digital age many of us use e-mail and the cloud for our correspondence and data; paper is always there. You’ll be surprised when going around your office at how much paper you have at your disposal and this is something which you need to look through before you start your big clean. Ask everyone to gather the paper before the big clean and organise it into what they need and what they can get rid of. This will make life a lot easier and save you some aggro.

Clean out the desk

When it comes to workspaces, the place which can become the most cluttered is our desk. Where we only started out with a stapler and a notebook, over time out desk becomes overrun with notes, pens, snacks and all sorts of things. When cleaning out your office it is a great idea to have a clear out of your desk to get rid of all those random items you no longer need.

Keep your stationery together

While organising your desk space, one of the things which can be super helpful for you is to keep all of your writing and stationery supplies together. For example you will be able to place your small items into little pots on the desk, and your pens and pencils can go into a cup holder to make things easier. If you don’t have space for a big pen holder on your desk, you can simply place everything into a pencil case and have it in your desk drawer!


The temporary pile


There will always be items on your desk which are permanent fixtures such as your diary and notepad, and then there will be items which are not always present on the desk and will rotate through the office. Instead of piling all of your magazine subscriptions, letters and marketing flyers all over the desk, have a tray on your desk where they can all stay. This will allow you to easily reach for items when you want to pass them on or throw them out and it will make your desk look tidier.

Clean your computer

We aren’t talking about taking a spray and a cloth for this next tip: we are talking about files. When you have a lot of different documents and files on your computer each day, it is important for you to keep them organised. Take the time to file your items by project, by date and anything else which will help you keep your things together in one easy to reach place. This will make life much easier for you when you are looking for something important.

Clean the furniture

Over time the tables and chairs we use will become a little worse for wear, and this is why now and again it is super important to bleach your tables and plastic chairs and really make sure to wash and spray fabric or leather chairs. Take the time to scrub everything and clean it properly and this will make your office feel so much cleaner.

Clean the floors

It’s so important not to forget the floors when you clean your office. For every week or so a vacuum cleaning job should be ideal, however now and again for carpets it is a good idea for you to clean with a carpet cleaning vacuum to ensure that it is totally fresh and new. This is super important because it will stop the spread of grime and mess and also prevent any critters from breeding in the fibres.

Wash the windows

When we are in the office all day every day, many of us spend time looking out of the window wishing we could be somewhere else for a while. It’s only natural to feel this way and it is something which we all do. When cleaning the office make sure you take the time to clean your windows properly so that you can all enjoy the view throughout the summer.

Make a rota

After your big clean for the year, make sure that you are able to maintain a clean and tidy office with a cleaning rota. Every week someone will need to clean the kitchen, vacuum the floor, wipe tables and tidy the room. This can be a few different people each week or one person, that’s up to you; but it will make things fair for everyone because it means that it is not the same people every week who are doing all of the work.

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