Spreading Your Brand Across The Land

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Spreading Your Brand Across The Land

The hardest part of achieving success in business isn’t creating a product that people will like or even balancing finances to make a large profit; it’s creating a brand which separates you from the crowd. Within your particular industry, there are likely dozens or hundreds of companies offering very similar products or services to you, which means consumers are spoiled for choice. Your target market can go to any of the businesses with your specific industry to get the goods or services they need, so simply having a good product isn’t enough to entice them.

A business’ brand is what separates it from the competition. This is how your potential customers weigh up which business to choose when they’re after a certain type of product or service. If you’re struggling to secure any of your potential target market and they’re all going to your competitors, that’s a sign that your brand is lacking something that the competing brand is not. Perhaps you’re unsure as to what it is that’s going wrong with your business’ current image, so here are some ways to more effectively spread your brand across the land and entice a larger proportion of your target customers.

Focus on people rather than ‘business’.

You need to shake the corporate mentality, as it’s not an appealing one to have in the business world. Maybe that makes no sense on the surface, but a brand has to be engaging and relatable to people. Corporate jargon isn’t relatable to the average consumer, and it offers nothing about which your potential customers can feel excited or curious. Interesting the people outside your business and spreading your brand to a wider market relies on the people within your business, as your employees are the connection to your average consumer. Essentially, your business needs to be pushing the human element as much as possible.

You could be dedicating a few employees to social media in order to engage with problems or questions people may have about the company and its products. You need to build a brand image based on your enthusiastic and happy employees. Most importantly, you need to keep those employees enthusiastic and happy by remembering that they are people too. Creating a fun workplace with a pool table and TV in the break room means your brand is no longer fun ‘on the surface’, but fun within the office too. Spreading your brand across the land starts with spreading a better image within your business.


Digital marketing.

Even if you’re running a small, local business, the online world is a platform on which you need to advertise your company. You might see your town or segment of the city as small fry, but even your local customers are using the internet to find the goods and services they need, so it’s simply not enough that your business is “nearby” to them. Moreover, your brand needs to be spreading its wings and increasing its “local area” to a wider radius, which is far easier with online marketing methods than it would be with traditional, physical marketing.


Your brand needs to stand out in a rather literal sense online. That means your website has to appear before your competitors, which relies on optimising its layout and keywords so as to ensure it ranks at the top of result pages on search engines such as Google and Bing. You could always hire an seo company to optimise the website if it’s not garnering results. The point is that search algorithms are based on how responsive a website is to different devices, as this signifies whether it’s going to be viewable on everything from a mobile to a laptop. This will have the added bonus of creating a sleeker and more professional design to ‘wow’ visitors when they stumble across your website first. All in all, this will improve your brand and seal the deal with a greater number of potential customers.


Be omnipresent.

If you really want your brand to spread across the land, you have to spread it across the land yourself. You have to graft and work hard to seap into related forums, blog posts and comments on other blog posts to push your brands in all the areas of interest your target market might have. The more you put your brand in the line of view of potential customers, the more they’re going to feel like they’ve seen your company everywhere, and the more likely they are to take notice to you. An omnipresent company sticks in people’s minds and ensures that potential customers don’t overlook your brand.

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