Spread Too Thin? Become a Minimal Marketeer

beggers February 8, 2018 0
Spread Too Thin? Become a Minimal Marketeer

Getting your business seen in a crowded marketplace is a complicated business. We’re always bombarded with new strategies to try, social channels we ‘should’ be using seem to multiply by the day, the need for well-written content to drive our SEO is ever-present, and it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed. You spread yourself too thin trying to see to everything, and then find that nothing works. You’ve become a very busy fool. That’s why it’s time for a new approach – making a conscious decision to become a minimal marketer.

Focus on What Makes You Unique

You have one killer thing that your competitors can’t offer – and that’s you! There will be ideas, concepts and services that set your business apart from the rest, and it’s really important to stay focused on these and not to get distracted by what others are doing. Your story and your relationship with your customers is absolutely paramount. This is what will speak to the people who want to you use your service, so spend time clearly defining and crafting a credible story. This is what you need to push out there, instead of publishing blog articles about every industry trend you encounter.

Find Your Audience

Trying to speak to all of the people, all of the time, is a sure-fire way to lose budget and time before you know what has hit you. It’s important to have a tightly defined key audience, and trying to peg this as ‘everybody’ is unhelpful. Defining who you need to speak to helps you to streamline your efforts and tailor your messaging. It will have far more impact too as people feel that you’re speaking directly to them, Can you use analytics to discover who is actually engaging with your business? What can you do to help them more? What specific challenges do they face that you can address? Once you have a clear picture, you can consider working with a specialist agency such as SMR Digital to craft messages and pin down your online strategy so that you’re only speaking to the people you need to.

Find the Right Platform

You don’t need to be on every single social channel and platform out there. It’s a far better strategy to identify what performs best for your customers and your unique business and focus on the two or three that work best. Spend some time getting to understand what works for you. If you need deep relationships that lend themselves to complex services, you may be best off concentrating on Twitter to contact influencers, build industry connections, monitor trends and publish articles and infographics. If you have a visual product or services such as a styling or beauty, Instagram is where you need to be seen. Sell a B2B product and need to get to the gatekeepers? LinkedIn will let you identify who is in your target industry and join relevant groups to introduce your services. If you have an extremely specific audience regarding age range, interested and geographical location, the targeting that Facebook offers can help you ensure that you’re speaking to the right people. Similarly, reach out to your current best customers and ask them how they want to hear from you.


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