Speed Your Restaurant Into The Takeout Industry

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Speed Your Restaurant Into The Takeout Industry

So, you’ve opened a restaurant, and it’s doing well. The tables are always full, and you’re reaching the point where you’re turning customers away. But, you’re starting to think you could take things further. You may be popular, but a successful business is always reaching for the stars. That’s why it might be worth expanding into takeout. Offering such a service is, after all, an amazing way to reach the customers that are right in front of you. They may not have the time or patience to visit your restaurant space. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you if they can eat in the comfort of their homes. To ensure your take out ventures are a success, we’ve put together a list of things you need to consider.

Can you afford the costs?

The first thing to think about is, of course, whether you can afford the additional cost. Takeout may well see a handsome return, but it’s pricey to start with. You need cars, petrol, delivery staff, and someone to answer the phones. If things take off, you may even need to employ extra kitchen staff. Once you’re up and running, consider technicalities, such as insurance for vehicles. Fleet insurance is your best and cheapest option, as it will cover all your cars at once. You can visit Bluedrop Services for more information, and see if you’re eligible. Bear in mind that you’ll need at least three vehicles to qualify. If you’re not at that stage yet, take a look at the many other companies which offer similar services. Research should also give you some idea about pricing. Once you’ve calculated everything, consider whether you can afford to go ahead. If not, you can also keep the idea on hold until a future date.

Would your food travel well?

It’s also worth considering how well your food would travel. At the end of the day, your food needs to look as amazing when it arrives on people’s doors as it would in the restaurant. Realistically, though, the process of travelling could cause issues. Foods like pizza travel well, but elaborate pasta dishes won’t look so fabulous on arrival. The good news is you can tackle the problem by considering packaging techniques. Try out different storage containers, and do test runs to see how each fare on the journey. Think, too, about how you would keep it hot for the duration. Thermal delivery bags should do the trick, but test these out too to make sure.



How far would you deliver?

Think, too, about how far you would be willing to deliver. Prices will increase the further out you go. It may be worth sticking to local streets. Long journeys will also make it harder to keep food hot. And, it’ll mean longer delivery times. Most delivery services operate in fairly small areas. A good rule of thumb would be to deliver ten minutes in each direction. It’s not too far and ensures fast delivery and hot food.

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