Smart Moves for SMEs to Keep Up with Technology

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Smart Moves for SMEs to Keep Up with Technology

Using technology in simple but effective ways allows SMEs to enable their employees to cut through the noise. Having overcome the general confusion over how to best make use of apps, networks and other aspects of tech in the workplace, employees can stay focused on getting their work done.

Here are some smart moves that SMEs can make to improve team functioning.

Handle IT Security

It’s a tough challenge for startups and SMEs to deal with IT security, but more necessary than ever. Hackers target companies using software that’s an older version where the security file patches haven’t been applied and open vulnerabilities are well-known. Even when not upgrading to newer versions, ensure that any security patches that are released are applied by the appropriate member of staff for all computer systems.

Use anti-virus and anti-malware software like MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, Avast or SUPERAnti-spyware to scan for file and system infections. Viruses can cause havoc with file security and integrity while malware can either create an open hole to access the company’s systems or encrypt the files and hold them for ransom. No SME can afford to not pay attention to these matters any longer.

Locate Lost Favorite Bookmarks

We often use a bookmark system in a web browser like Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Due to a quirk in the app or the operating system, or due to an unexpected crash, the Favorites bar can suddenly disappear from the interface and your saved bookmarks are lost along with them.

When needing to pull up a list of saved websites for product research or online marketing tools for market research, not being able to access your saved Favorites is a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, the My Favorites Toolbar website provides multiple solutions to the problem across different web browsers that sometimes experience disappearing Favorites. Never feel lost again.

Shared Action Lists

When running a project within a team where it’s useful for everyone to see at least some of the outstanding tasks, there are different technological ways to accomplish this. One way is to use an advanced To Do list app to enter the tasks. These can be assigned to different people on the team or the whole group.

Other teams prefer to use a three-column system of task management with columns for To Do, Doing and Done. Within individual tasks, they can also be assigned to one or more staff members to work on. A Kanban board is a common implementation of this approach. The Trello app uses some elements of this and is well designed for corporations to use. There are also other Kanban boards which can be set up on a company’s web server for internal only access.

Whether you’re a wizard with computers or find them a little bit difficult to master, every step in the right direction opens a world of possibilities. Every new task that can be performed better or faster using technological advancements or just clever apps gives the business the kind of forward momentum that it needs to battle competitors.

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