Slashing Your Solo Business Costs

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Slashing Your Solo Business Costs

There are so many great perks that come with working for yourself. You get to choose your hours, who you work with and everything else. But this freedom comes at a cost, and that entire cost is met by you.

Running a business on your own can come with a number of costs you might not be expecting. In the early days of your business, it’s worth looking at the areas you can cut your spending to help you run a more efficient business and get used to being on your own.

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Work from home

While you might have ambitions of having your own city-view glass office one day, it’s a dream that you should park for now while you get your new business off the ground. Working from your home office will save you a lot of money, and you’ll be able to claim some of your expenses (phone and internet bills, heating, water, etc.) back when you file your tax return. Furnishing your home office is easy, and you might find that you prefer working from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t buy everything new

Just because you’re setting up a new business, doesn’t mean that everything within it has to be new. Many businesses will buy new or refurbished tech and other items to help keep costs down while you’re getting used to running the business. If you need a vehicle for your business, then Trade Cars and Commercials could help you find one that meets your needs and budget. Over time, you can upgrade any kit that you have, but for now, just invest in what you need.

Try free marketing

To help your business grow, you need to market it, but as marketing usually involves money, this is easier said than done. Thankfully, in the age of digital and social media, there are some free and low-budget ways of promoting your business. Using small business marketing ideas, you could give your business the exposure it needs to help it grow.

Use your time wisely

Time is as valuable as money when you run a small business. There’s a lot to do and not many hands to do the work. This means you need to use your time wisely to make the most of it, and ensure that your business is run effectively. Boost your productivity through using project management tools, getting organised and learning how to prioritise. Some changes to the way you work already could make a big difference in how much you get done. They say that time is money, so using yours more effectively will help you cut your business costs.


Running your own business will come with a number of challenges, but if you can learn to be savvy with your spending and only spend what you need, you’ll be able to run your business efficiently. Managing your business well from the start will set you up for good habits in the future, ensuring you’ve got a firm grip on your business’ finances.


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