Simple Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy and Productive

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy and Productive

Any successful businessperson knows that their staff is key to their success. It is crucial to keep customers happy and to provide value for money, but it is even more vital to have a happy workforce or you might as well close the door now. A happy workforce is a productive workforce, which is a fact borne out by research many times over. Your employees can be your biggest assets and keeping them content in their job is important for your continued success.

Tell Them The Positive As Well As The Negative

If you have to criticize an employee, ensure that you point out their positive attributes as well as the negative ones. This will make them feel that they have been noticed rather than that you are just looking for the bad points in your workers. Let them know what they have achieved and how you see them moving forward in the future.

Show Them Some Trust

Most employees respond well to knowing they are trusted. When you and they know that you do not have to watch them every minute of the day, they will not want to let you down and will work harder to ensure they don’t.


Keep Your Staff Happy and Productive

Make The Workplace Pleasant

The workplace needs to be pleasant for them to want to be there. This does not mean that it has to be fancy in any way. It is things such as the temperature that matter, and the lighting. If they are too hot or cold they will be more concerned about that than working. If they are straining their eyes because of poor lighting, they are likely to get headaches and have to stop working for a while.

Investing in keeping the workplace a nice temperature and in good lighting can make your staff more productive than anything else.

There are other things that can help too. Introduce a few plants because they help to keep the air fresher, as well as looking good.  Letting them listen to music while they work is another good option. With the advent of wireless headphones, they need not disturb anyone else and will not have any trailing wires that could be a danger. They can choose their music via whatever site they want and this can be especially good if the job they are doing is repetitive. This source tells you all you need to know about connecting headphones wirelessly to Mac, so you can set it up, but it’s pretty straightforward anyway. You may even want to consider paying for music streaming for your staff – they’ll love that and you for doing it, and they’ll be more productive – what’s not to love?

Listen To Them

Workers will always be more productive if they feel they are working as part of a team and not in a ‘you and them’ situation. To help create this feeling you should always be prepared to listen to whatever they have to say. They may have a problem with their job, but also it could be they have a suggestion that will make life simpler for everyone and your business more profitable. If you do not hear what they have to say, you will never know. Once you have listened to them, don’t just ignore it. At least let them know that you are looking at what they have said in more detail.

A good boss will generate productivity in his staff and will thank them for their efforts. This could be by simply saying ‘thank you’ or perhaps by buying them lunch or letting them finish early one day. These little gestures are appreciated by staff and will help to keep them working well for your business.


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