Show Some Love! Let Employees Know You Care with These Tips

beggers September 28, 2016 0
Show Some Love! Let Employees Know You Care with These Tips

A happy worker is a productive worker. So, from a business standpoint, it’s completely logical that you’d want to make your workers as happy as possible. Perhaps you should roll out the red carpet for them when they first walk through the door in the morning. Make them a cup of a coffee and give them a bit of pampering. That sort of thing. Right?

Well, okay, it is possible for you to go too far to make your employees happy. (To be honest, that kind of treatment is just going to make them feel uncomfortable.) But the fact remains that it’s important for you to take care of your employees.

Here are a few ideas we’d like to share that will help you out here. These ideas will communicate to your employees that you want to take better care of them and care about how they feel about their job.


The personal life

A lot of people simply don’t want to discuss their personal life when they’re at work. This is a shame, as it always creates a sort of barrier between you and other people. But, in a sense, it can sometimes distract from whatever task is at hand.

But let’s face it: talking to someone about their own life does show that you’re interested in them as a person. If your employee brings up a subject relating to the personal life, then don’t be afraid to talk to them more about it just because they’re an employee.

Human resources

When a company doesn’t have a human resources department, that’s usually not a great sign. Of course, it isn’t true that companies without a HR department should be avoided. There are budgets and workforce concerns to think about, after all.

But having something in place to deal with any potential problems an employee has is definitely a comfort. Whether or not you have a department, you can bring HR management closer to the hands of your employees. HRM software lets employees keep better track of their performance and annual leave. Investing in such software shows that you’re going the extra mile!



Creative perks

Many business owners want to offer perks to their employees. Most of the time, this comes in the form of additional holiday days, gym memberships, or retirement benefits. These, of course, are great employee perks. Having anything will show that you want to do better by your employees. But what about offering your employees perks that you’re simply not going to see anywhere else? How about offering them really creative perks?

Let’s take a look at some crazy examples of creative perks. The guys at Threadless actually teamed up with a brewery to make a unique beer for their employees. The Fundable team shut off their computers at about 1730 and gather together for an hour of NBA Jam tournaments. Nerdery have a ‘bring your dog to work’ day every day. This probably won’t seem like a great perk for someone who is afraid of dogs, I guess. Still: there’s some inspiration for your own creative perks!

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