Why You Shouldn’t Neglect iOS When Building an App

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Why You Shouldn’t Neglect iOS When Building an App

Although Apple’s iPhones are, without a doubt, the most popular smartphone on the market, a recent survey conducted by a London startup, OnePulse, found that 40% of those participating in the survey thought that Android apps where the more advanced of the two and of iPhone users in the survey, an amazing 45% agreed. This is probably one of the main reasons why app developers tend to focus on new apps for Android, leaving iPhone apps in the wake. However, that’s not the only reason why many developers neglect Apple’s iOS in favour of Android when building an app.

Apple’s Proprietary Operating System

One of the reasons, in fact probably the main reason, why so many app developers favour writing Android apps over iOS apps is because of the complexity of Apple’s code. Android utilises an open source code which makes it much easier for a developer to get into when building apps. Unfortunately, as time goes on even Android apps are being developed using closed-source coding which will eventually put it in league with Apple and its highly popular gaming apps such as those from Sun Bingo. What does this portend for developers? That is yet to be seen but open source code will probably always be open for them.

Apple Still the Favourite Smartphone So Apps Are Essential

Even though the UK users who were surveyed thought that Android was more advanced, they still preferred the Apple OS and are looking forward to some of the latest updates as they are released. However, for a programmer, that doesn’t solve his or her issues. With the iPhone being the world’s favourite and even endorsed by Facebook users as the industry leader as a ‘gadget brand,’ it is imperative that developers focus more on iOS apps. Also, there should no longer be an excuse that the code is hard to work with because Apple now has a Developer’s Program that helps developers from the very beginning of developing their apps with its difficult but said-to-be superior closed source coding.

Some Projections Which Could Impact Developers

In the first quarter of 2015 alone, Apple sold almost 75 million iPhones and another body of research from Cannacord found that Apple netted an astonishing 92% of smartphone profits for that quarter. With the first quarter of 2015 setting new records, it is indicative of a growing pattern. It stands to reason that app developers should not leave iOS apps behind. It is by far the world’s leading smartphone and even with the recent tools being released to make developing iOS apps much easier, it seems as though Android apps are being developed at a much faster rate.

In the end, with the Apple iPhone still the leading manufacturer in smartphone technology, developers are urged to join the Apple developer’s program if that’s what it takes to efficiently write an app, but under no circumstances should the iOS be left behind totally. There are just too many loyal Apple iPhone users and a growing body of Android users jumping the fence to come over to the iOS side. The coding may be more complex but that is a benefit as well when seeking to keep hacks to a bare minimum and operability to the max where it now stands.

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