Shop Front: Drawing Customers in With A Stunning Display

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Shop Front: Drawing Customers in With A Stunning Display

Perception can often be one of the most powerful tools a business has. Even if you’re in a very poor area, with a building which is run down and old, you can make people perceive the place as something far more grand than it actually is. Tricks like this have been used for a very long time, with businesses going back thousands of years using special techniques to make their stores stand out to customers. To help you to achieve a similar goal, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to draw customers in with a stunning display, giving you the chance to improve your business without spending a fortune.

The Background Props

Before you can start putting your products in the window, you’re going to need to put together some background props which will make it easier to put things on display. For example, you can get small pedestals which are great for jewellery, while sites like can help you to get your hands on mannequins, and this will be perfect for clothing. There are loads of elements like this which are worth thinking about, though you will probably need some time to shop around to get your hands on them. A lot of stores are relying on upcycling for this, with vintage items giving you the chance to create a striking look without costing a fortune.

The Lighting/Windows

Along with choosing some good background props, it’s also worth thinking about the lighting in your window. Creating a slightly surreal looking scene can pay off when you’re approaching something like this, and unusual lighting is a great way to achieve this. Colored LED bulbs can be found very cheaply on sites like eBay, making it easy to change the color in your shopfront. If your lighting is going to shine brightly, you’re going to need clean windows for customers to look through, and this makes it well worth putting someone to the task of keeping this part of the business clean.

The Products Themselves

The products which go into a shop’s windows are extremely important. This is the first thing a customer will see when they approach your store, making it crucial that you’ve put the time into them to make sure that they will stand out. You should work hard to pick the best examples of the items you have, while displaying a range of different prices to make sure that people don’t assume your store is too expensive. A lot of companies use this space when they have special deals going on, and this is worth keeping in mind when you’re going through the process with your own shop.

It’s easy to find yourself in a tricky position with something like a shop front display. A lot of small business owners struggle with this work, finding it hard to know what needs to be done when they’re trying to make a better business. Of course, though, plenty of businesses succeed in this area, and this means that you have a lot of potential.

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