How to set up your own Vending Machine Business

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How to set up your own Vending Machine Business

The vending machine industry has been up and running for decades. You will have seen them in shopping centres, bars, schools, leisure centres and in many other places. They are handy and they are subsequently incredibly popular. They are also a fantastic way to make money with minimal hours required of you, so it is worth considering the benefits of a vending machine franchise

vending machine business

There are a few brands that are currently offering franchise opportunities, so that you can profit from the impulse buying habits of the public. For a nominal investment you can share in the money brought in by vending machines across the UK, and this can bring considerable returns.

Products you can sell

Vending machines offer an array of treats to customers so you can sell a selection of products to bring in your profits. The products available include canned and bottled drinks, nuts and bar snacks, sweets and chocolate. Many top brands such as Mars, Cadbury’s, Rowntree’s and more sell through vending machines and you could carry such brands if you invested in a vending machine franchise.

How you get started

Starting up your own business is risky, but the benefits are obvious. With a vending machine franchise the risk is greatly reduced as you only have to pay a relatively small start up cost, so no large bank loans which immediately put you under pressure to succeed. Ongoing support and assistance are available to people who take on a franchise and this also makes working for yourself safer.

To get started all you have to do is contact a company that offers franchises for sale and take it from there. They will provide all the information you need to make a decision about whether.

The benefits of a vending machine franchise

The benefits offered by a number of vending machine companies if you invest in a franchise include the following points:

No annual fees – this means more profits for you and you don’t have to budget for regular annual charges.

No management fees – again the lack of required fees has to be an advantage and it means less overheads to cut into your income.

Full training provided – thankfully full training is available from most companies selling vending machine franchises.

Ongoing support available  – as well as training these companies offer ongoing support.

Low start up costs – as mentioned low start up costs make a franchise worth considering as opposed to setting up your own business alone.

Highly profitable – thanks to low costs involved in running a franchise it is a highly profitable way to earn a living.

Flexible – full or part time opportunities are available meaning that you can run a franchise as well as having another job.

• Incur no debts when setting up – the start up fee is all that is required when you invest in a franchise so you do not have to incur any debt.




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