Saving Money On An Office Makeover

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Saving Money On An Office Makeover

Refurbishing an office can be exciting, but it’s easy to overspend if you’re not careful. Here are several ways in which you can revitalise your office whilst keeping the costs down.

Hire professionals

In many cases, it’s often cheaper to hire professionals than it is to handle an office makeover yourself. By attempting the renovation job yourself, you could end up sacrificing time spent on your business – in fact, it could mean closing your business for a week. When hiring contractors, you can continue work around them to a certain degree (some companies may be able to carry out renovations overnight). Hiring professionals also minimises mistakes and ensure that the quality is kept high.

Source your own supplies

Sourcing supplies could be job worth DIYing to save money rather than hiring a procurement company to do it for you. This may allow you to hunt out more competitive pricing by targeting independent companies such as this plastic tubing & extrusion manufacturer. Make sure that you know exactly what supplies you need and the exact measurements.

Go open plan

Cubicles may offer a certain level of privacy, but they can be an extra cost. Going open plan can save you money and improve communication. This may not be suitable for jobs that require a lot of concentration, but if your team are often collaborating it could be advantageous. It could also allow you to share equipment such as phones and printers more easily helping you to save further money.

Buy used equipment

When people think of ‘used’ they often think poor condition. However, there’s a lot of used office equipment out there for sale that’s practically brand new and half the price of new equipment. There are a few sites that specialise in recycled office furniture that you can try looking at. The likes of Craigslist meanwhile often have second hand office furniture for sale and could allow you to buy locally.

Make energy-saving investments

Whilst you can save money on used machinery like PCs and printers, sometimes it’s better to spend extra and buy this brand new – newer machines tend to be more energy-efficient, saving you money on your energy bills in the long run. It could also be worth switching your lightbulbs for LEDs if you haven’t already – whilst LEDs are more expensive to buy than regular incandescent bulbs, they stay illuminated much longer. Of course, there are other more major energy-saving investments that you can make such as insulation and solar panels – but if you’re on a tight budget this may not be feasible.

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