How to Run a Bare-Bones Startup

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How to Run a Bare-Bones Startup

Don’t be fooled by anyone telling you that you need masses of money and resources to make a success of your startup because it’s simply not true. There are plenty of great ways to run your business in a bare-bones kinda manner. Spending less doesn’t have to be something to be ashamed off either – be proud of it! Here’s how to run your startup in a low cost and efficient way.


Focus on Lowering Energy Consumption

You’ll never manage to run your startup in an affordable way if you’re spending more than you need to on on basic things like energy. It happens so often though; companies don’t pay attention to the costs of heating the office and using energy generally. Don’t fall into that trap.

Compare Costs of Necessities and Consider Used Options

Of course, your startup is going to need electricity and other forms of energy in order to keep on functioning properly. But just because some of these things are necessities that doesn’t mean that you can’t compare the costs associated with the different deals being offered by different suppliers. These principles apply when you need a new desk and office chair too because there is no area in which money can’t be saved. Compare all the available options and consider used alternatives as well.

Outsource What Doesn’t Need to be Done In-House

The modern trend of outsourcing remains popular for many reason but the most obvious and important among them is the financial benefit of outsourcing. If you’re looking to run your company on a shoestring budget it’s definitely worth considering. Any processes that don’t really need to be taken care of in-house should be outsourced to competent and reliable external companies as soon as possible.



Automate a Greater Number of Processes

Technology brings with it the option of automating many of the things that your business would otherwise have to do manually. You can automate things like payroll and employee absences to name just a couple of the most obvious examples. In truth, there are so many things that you can automate to keep your business running more smoothly even when your operation is very small and compact still. Automation is the future so embrace it at your nearest opportunity.

Trial Having Employees Work From Home

These days, it’s often not necessary for your employees to come into the office to do their work. Instead they can stay at home and do it there because of the developments in technology. Not only is this often preferable for them but it helps you to cut down the day to day running costs of your business so it’s certainly worth your consideration. Things like heating costs and resource spending will all fall when more people are working from their own homes.

Your startup doesn’t have to throw money around in order to find success and do well in the market. Being smart and keeping costs as low as they can be might really pay off for you in the long-run.

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